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#3712: Another busy day.

Had to run a ton of errands, and Lemonzen and I went shopping and out to dinner. It was her first time at a hibachi place, and she had a really good time.


* * *

"Strong opinions on climate change are self-reinforcing". Yes! Like "the science is settled"!

...the article tries to make the opposite point, of course--that "deniers" are refusing to heed the evidence that global warming is real, man-made, and happening now. But it really does cut both ways.

* * *

Another call for allowing bad student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. Won't happen, ever.

* * *

I didn't think it was possible to make school lunches worse, but the Department of Agriculture managed it. Doug Ross writes at Michelle Malkin's blog about how their new guidelines for high glycemic index school lunches has made the food more inedible even as it made it more diabetes-inducing.

* * *

Same source: Green energy only flourishes as long as it's heavily subsidized. The reason we don't use solar power for the generation of electricity comes from the fact that it's a shitty, diffuse power source at best and it takes far too much capital investment to get a power source that's as reliable and productive as a coal-burning power plant.

Solar power is simply not cost-effective.

* * *

600,000 more people added to the food stamp rolls in September alone. 600,000 people comprising some 290,000 households.

* * *

Karl Denninger also discusses the latest economic news from Italy. Looks as if Italy is fixing to begin circling the drain, monetarily. They're on the same curve Greece is; they're just trailing 'em by a year or two.

As I've said: even if Europe fixes what's wrong with Greece, they still also have to fix Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy...and with Greece they've shot their bolt. Spain has 25% unemployment and Portugal ain't doing much better. This way lies ruin.

* * *

People who used to live in the projects bring crime with them wherever they live.
Janikowski merged his computer map of crime patterns with Betts’s map of Section8 rentals. Where Janikowski saw a bunny rabbit, Betts saw a sideways horseshoe (“He has a better imagination,” she said). Otherwise, the match was near-perfect. On the merged map, dense violent-crime areas are shaded dark blue, and Section8 addresses are represented by little red dots. All of the dark-blue areas are covered in little red dots, like bursts of gunfire. The rest of the city has almost no dots.
Who coulda seen that coming? Really?

* * *

Anyway, after a day like that, I'm pretty f-ing tired. Might as well go to bed.

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