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#3717: *sigh*

Ace says the scumwad shot his parents first, then went to the elementary school.

Clearly he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory--to get his 15 minutes of fame for being such a badass--and the press is going to oblige him.

Stop talking about evil:
I think it would do at least something to dissuade the next potential mass murderer to know, for example, that coverage on him will not focus on the Evil Menace part of him (which is a self-conception he finds flattering), but the Sad, Lonely Pathetic Guy Who Has a Small Dick and Couldn't Keep a Woman or a Job and Just Couldn't Hack It part of him. The part that's actually much more relevant to his crime -- masterful men do not have to kill people to let the world know "I exist" -- and the part that he's actually afraid of other people knowing about.
And yeah:
...[T]he maniac in Colorado shot up the theater because he was a pathetic weakling unloved by women and incapable of satisfying them and so retreated into a twisted babydick world of power fantasy.
These guys deserve only our contempt...and, yes, our pity.


Notice that the guy went into a school, a place where people are not allowed to bring guns. He did not go into a police station or a gun store; he went into a place which he knew was a soft target.

Beyond that--after Illinois, New Jersey has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States.

More laws wouldn't have prevented this. The only way to keep maniacs from shooting up a place is to guarantee that there'll be people there who can shoot back. If the lunatic can only--at most--get a couple of shots off before he goes down, the body counts drop and the media stops paying attention and you get ever-fewer copycats. These pathetic shitheads won't want to be shot like the vermin they are, not without taking a bunch of people with them.

* * *

Incidentally, 22 students killed in China by a knife-wielding maniac. So apparently we need to ban guns here in the US and they need to ban knives in China...?

* * *

More school nonsense: school locked down because a student brought in a mercury thermometer. I mean, it wasn't even leaking; the mercury was contained inside the thermometer and everything was fine, yet the school treated it as if the kid had brought with him a functioning thermonuclear warhead. WTF.

* * *

Karl Denninger discusses how the barrier to home ownership represented by requiring a 20% down payment is a good thing, not a bad one.

* * *

Portugal has legalized all drugs and is seeing addiction rates, etc, drop.</a>

Prohibition clearly has not worked; why not give this a try?

* * *

Went to Lemonzen's place last night and dragged home another load of books. I didn't get out of there before 3 AM, when I had meant to leave not later than 1 AM. By the time I got home it was past 4 and I was fain to exhausted, so the Jeep is still full of boxes and I'm contemplating a nap even though I slept until 1.

I ended up taking the circular saw to Mom's computer desk; in three days of sitting out there, no one took it, though someone grabbed the printer stand almost immediately. (Probably thought it'd be a good stand for a video game console or something.) So I cut it up and put it into the barrel; and then I dragged down the old dresser that's falling apart.

It was gone when I got up, though I have no idea if someone took it or it went into the garbage truck. (I could see how that big robot arm could grab it and toss it back like a shot of whiskey.) I don't see why anyone would want it when you could barely get the big drawers open and the veneer was coming off the top. And the backs of the drawers were broken off, and the bottoms split, and-and-and.

There's still a great deal to do here in the bunker. And it's 10 days to Christmas Eve. *sigh*

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