atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3719: That's it; my brother is one step from the wookee suit now.

He called me early this afternoon to talk about stuff, and mentioned that he bought an AR-15 and a .40 semiauto pistol. The AR-15 is the sign of the true gun nut; he's screwed now. Heh.

* * *

Karl Denninger asks, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" The post makes the point--yet again--that criminals by definition don't give a rat's ass how illegal guns are. Someone bent on murder isn't going to give a rip about "gun-free zones" and if his aim is to kill as many people as possible before dying himself, he's going to head right for places he knows no one will be armed.

This concept is apparently beyond the comprehension of liberals.

* * *

Vox Day points out that if you are a "capital-A atheist" who believes that humans are nothing but meat robots, you have no basis for condemning the maniac's shooting spree.

* * *

Thanks to last night's upsetting events, I had to take a Xanax when I went to bed this morning...after 8 AM. *whimper*

I had intended to go to bed much earlier, but I just had to go back to Stormwind for something, and after I was done I started running around and being kind of a jerk. I ended up doing RP for nearly 2.5 hours, and having a grand old time. When the "Feast of Winter Veil" decorations went up, the dailies activated too and the RP session was at an end. I was relieved rather than disappointed because I was falling asleep at the keyboard.

Naturally, though, once I got into bed and was trying to sleep, my heart was pounding and I had the other usual symptoms, so I reluctantly got up and took the Xanax.

Phone rang several times, I had to get up to drain the tank, blah blah blah, etcetera. With the panic attack and WoW and phone calls and everything else I didn't get to sleep until after 9, which means I may have managed as much as 3 hours of sleep so far.

Brother called, waking me up, and then while we were talking the doorbell rang. Turns out it was a guy seeking signatures to get on the ballot for the school board; I signed, saying, "The more choices we have, the better the system works." I don't care about his political affiliation at this stage of the game; that's for later, if he gets onto the ballot.

And yes, there's an election scheduled for early next year for the local offices. No, I don't know why, but there were a couple of vehicles in the Christmas parade with political signs on them. (It'd be nice if I could remember who, so I could vote against them. Keep your politics out of Christmas, damn it.)

Anyway, my entire existence cries out for bed, so I think that's where I'd better be.

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