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#3720: Damn, that was pretty hard work.

I went through Mom's closets. One is finished; the other--the main one she used--that one is not entirely done. I ran out of power after I finished with the hanging stuff.

I have five big garbage bags full of clothes I'm donating, in addition to three big boxes of books and knickknacks that don't have any intrinsic or sentimental value. The ladies who run the church's thift store are either going to love me, or hate me.

I took three big garbage bags out to the garage and put them in the trash barrels.

Why so much trash? When Mom wanted to do yard work, she'd put on an old t-shirt with a pocket and sit in the sun and do whatever she was going to do. Problem is, she smoked while she worked, and inevitably these shirts got holes burned in them. Whenever I found a cigarette burn on an article of clothing, I categorically rejected it for donation and tossed it on the trash pile.

Also, things like tights and pantyhose and thermal underwear? Can't donate them; they get tossed regardless of whether or not they're still good.

I saved back a few things: the button-down sweater she'd knitted herself, her "Six Flags Over Great America" t-shirt featuring the Coyote in front of various roller coasters, and a few other things. (I believe my niece in Maine will want the Six Flags shirt. I certainly cannot wear it; it's a small.)

There are still some things hanging in the closet, things I simply don't have the energy to deal with right now--formal wear--and the boxes on the top shelf are similarly out of the question at the moment.

Even so, it's a hell of a lot better than it was; and on Tuesday morning I can take all this stuff over to the church and take it to the thrift store and say, "Here, have it all!"

* * *

Karl Denninger discusses the school shooting in Connecticut and the facts of the situation.

The shooter was 20 years old. Since he was 20, he was federally prohibited from buying handguns. The guns he used in his shooting spree apparently were legal guns and belonged to his mother; he stole them from her and shot her dead before going to the school.

The gun crime here? Carrying without a license or permit, at most. But the kid had already committed murder--and was intent on mass mayhem at his destination--so why would the threat of jail for carrying a firearm deter him?

But sure, let's make guns more illegal. It won't prevent this kind of tragedy but it will make liberals feel better!

* * *

Gah! Superdickery!

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