atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3721: Let's have a little fun today.

But first: The Anchoress wonders if the Newtown massacre is the result of bullying:
I was a bullied kid; I know the pain remains — you remember the name of every kid who pushed you down, pulled your hair, encouraged others to mockery, all of your life. If you can forgive and get past it, and begin to reclaim yourself (and even learn to love yourself) you’re ahead of the game. But it’s a lifetime’s work. Yes, work. Yes, a lifetime’s.
Especially if the bullied person isn't allowed to fight back--and "zero tolerance" polcies are inevitably misused and badly applied.

* * *

Now, for fun.

From Superdickery: Cowboys fighting Nazis in space! Where the hell can you possibly go wrong with that premise?

* * *

Borepatch on translating the stuff said by hipsters. Mostly, it translates to "I'm better than you."

* * *

Does this, by now, really need any explanation whatsoever?

* * *

Yeah, there isn't much "fun stuff" in the buffer, but I do what I can.

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