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#3724: Busy, busy, BUSY!

So much going on! I'm not even buying stocking stuffers for family members this year. With one exception they're all over the age of 16, so they're all getting checks.

Rehearsals, shopping, cleaning, church--I only today actually bought some stocking stuffers for Lemonzen's stocking on Christmas morning, for crying out loud, and it doesn't look as if things are going to improve much before New Year's. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are going to be mad flurries of activity and I have no idea when Lemonzen and I will have some "us" time, but crowbarring it in is going to be difficult and we will guard it JEALOUSLY.

Tomorrow I have therapy and rehearsal.

Today--well, I went to the Citrus Grove last night to pick up more stuff from Lemonzen's apartment, and while I tried to leave at 3 AM she clung to me and made it obvious that she didn't want me leaving just yet--and so I didn't get out of there until shortly after 4. I was home in 45 minutes, but then I foolishly sat at the PC and just finagled around with making home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield strips, playing Solitaire, and looking over the AoSHQ "overnight open thread".

In bed after 6 AM, having a bit of anxiety and needing half a Xanax...and even so I was awake before 11 AM. I went out and did what little Christmas shopping I've managed to date; did the pre-blog surf and completely ran out of power at 2 PM, so I laid down.

Naturally, the goddamned phone was ringing off the f-ing hook, and finally I got up and put it on "do not disturb"...and managed almost three hours of sleep thereafter.

Up, choir, shopping, home. *sigh*

* * *

I don't think psych meds are a cause, exactly, of mass murders. That is to say, the people who do this kind of thing who are on psychotropic drugs are already nuts, hence the drugs. The drugs just act to amplify their screwed-up-ness.

The chemical theory of insanity is compelling because it works so well: people who are nuts are so because of chemical imbalances in their brains; change that balance in a beneficial fashion and they're right as rain. It's too mechanical for my taste, and too simplistic, but it does work on a practical level as long as you ignore the philosophical angles.

The problem is, then, how to modify the insanely complex chemical soup inside the brain without causing permanent damage or driving the patient batshit insane. LSD, for example, and PCP are both chemicals which have easily identifiable effects on the brain, but if one takes recreational doses of them (see also "technical overdose") they force the brain into an abnormal operating regime--and what psychiatric chemistry tries to do is force the brain out of an abnormal operating regime and into a normal one.

Example: my anxiety disorder. Before I began taking Paxil I had no idea that I was suffering from an anxiety disorder; I'd always been nervous as a cat and had a pretty bad temper as a result. Paxil normalized my brain chemistry enough that I could relax and not be in a permanent state of "yellow alert".

The problem is, when a patient is first beginning to take a new psychoactive drug, his behavior must be monitored, because you don't know how he'll react to it until he starts taking it. Me going on Paxil could easily have had the opposite effect, or it could have dropped me into depression, or any number of other things. Generally, Paxil works just fine, both as an antidepressant (its primary labeled usage) and an anti-anxiety med.

But when Paxil is prescribed for depression--big surprise, some depressed people begin having suicidal thoughts.

Which is not to say that the article is wrong; it's not. The point is, the drug doesn't cause the behavior or ideation, but amplifies something already there.

The Sandy Hook shooter was already violent and disturbed, which is why he was on the medication in the first place. "Former babysitters of [the shooter's] said that [his mother] warned that she could never turn her back on the young boy,..."

Sounds like this kid should have been locked up a long time ago.

* * *

Who goes to McDonald's on Christmas? Jews? Muslims? WTF.

* * *

Sounds like at least one police officer needs to go back to remedial school to learn THE FOURTH FUCKING AMENDMENT TO THE US CONSTITUTION. You know, the part that says he may not set foot inside a private building or residence without either a) permission from the resident, or b) a warrant.

(There's an exception for "probable cause", but merely being there on a "wellness check" does not qualify unless he hears someone screaming for help.)

* * *

Malthusian predictions don't come true because they don't take into account things like changing technologies or demographics. Absolutely: if human population had continued to grow exponentially from where it was when Malthus was around, and if technology had not advanced one whit and we were forced to farm with 18th century technology and 18th century land usage, then yes Malthus would have been right.

Strangely enough, though, population growth changed, and people invented new and better ways to farm, and more arable land was cleared and farmed, and-and-and.

The dire predictions that everyone is going to starve to death don't take into account things like basic economics and the advancement of technology. Absent catastrophe, if demand for food rises, it will become more expensive, and more people will go into producing it.

Or, y'know, the US government could stop paying people to turn corn into gasohol. That would help a lot, too.

* * *

Turn your cat into a remote-controlled cat. Depending on how well the animal responds to laser pointers, that is. What I do know is that if your cat isn't happy with a harness on, it's just going to flop there on the floor as if you'd totally ruined its existence. This will be much less than fun for you.

* * *

Today's Real Life Comics is apt.

AT&T's actually had that data cap for a while. That post was on March 9, 2011, for crying out loud.

Using El-Hazard as a torrent box I exceeded it in January of this year.

Still, I understand his frustration.

* * *

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