atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3725: WTF--THURSDAY? Already???

Where the hell did the week go? Hell, where did the month go?

And it's snowing. It rained all day, and it's switched to snow, and they say "up to three inches possible". As always I'll believe it when I see it, but the wind is a-blowin' out there tonight and I'm just as happy to be indoors for the night.

Yes, today's blog post is being started at 9 PM, because I've been too busy today to do anything else.

Therapy, bank, shopping, rehearsal, garbage out, etc, etc. WTF. I didn't get breakfast--BREAKFAST--until 6:20 PM.

But today's running around is finished, and now I have only to worry about Friday's and Saturday's running around. Sunday is the cantata, and then I have Sunday's running around to worry about, followed by Monday's and Tuesday's....

*sigh* Maybe I'll get some time to rest on Wednesday. And maybe not. Here's hoping.

* * *

And in the "Gee, what a surprise" department, we have HORRIBLE PICTURE WARNING: Senator Diane Feinstein, (D) California, has a concealed carry permit in her home state.

And here we see the typical Democrat attitude towards guns: "guns for me, not for thee, because I know I'm not going to kill anybody, but if you get to carry a gun and you somehow manage not to shoot yourself with it you'll end up going on a killing spree and taking out an entire Del Taco during the after-school rush."


* * *

Piers Morgan is gleeful that there's been a gun massacre because it helps him push his position. Straight reporting isn't a smear.

* * *

Another entry in the "Gee, what a surprise" department: Feelgood law has opposite effect intended because THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL FUCKING MORONS.

...either they're morons who don't understand the concepts of "cause and effect", or else they're evil people wanting to make sure "those people" don't manage to claw their way out of poverty.

The US government made a law requiring that raw materials be "ethically sourced":
Most companies who use these metals and minerals are simply avoiding the Congo altogether. Tens of thousands of poor miners are now out of work. Militias still rape and pillage. Illegal mining is still rampant. Life in the Congo is worse, not better.

With the best of intentions, extremely hard-working but misguided Westerners frequently complicate life for the people they’re trying to help. This obscure provision in the vast Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, which is causing devastation in the Congo and wrecking peoples’ lives, is just the latest example.
Emphasis mine. Yet another example of feel-good idiots ruining the lives of people they claim to be trying to help.

* * *

I call it the "Buddy Bears" syndrome. In the Garfield cartoon series (not sure about the specials) there was this trio of singing bears called the "Buddy Bears", and they sang a jingle:
We are the Buddy Bears, we always get along
We like to get together and we sing a happy song
If you disagree, it means that you are wrong!
We are the Buddy Bears, we always get along!
Not sure about the second line but it's close enough. Anyway, I think that was a jibe at the kind of BS this article talks about.

I really, really detest the idea that everyone should be exactly alike and no one should ever be even a little bit different. If--to paraphrase an example from the article--the group says "tacos!" and you want a burger, you're wrong to decide to go get a burger while everyone else gets tacos.

Anyway, it's a neat insight into the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series, which I have never watched, and never intend to.

* * *

Crapz0r: I just realized I have to go pick up pictures from Walgreens. THEN I'll be done running around. *sigh*

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