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#3729: Probably the last post with politics before Wednesday

Unless something incredible happens. I'm hoping to come up with a Christmas vignette to post here, but don't hold your breath.

* * *

Michael Moore really has his act together. Summary: "Prohibition didn't work, so let's prohibit guns."

Prohibition was one of the big successes of the progressive movement early in the 20th century, right up until the day it went into effect...and it wasn't long before everyone realized simply making something illegal doesn't eliminate demand for it and people still wanted to get drunk. All Prohibition really did was to make booze more expensive and enrich an entire criminal underclass (including Joe Kennedy, JFK and Teddy Kennedy's father). The Mafia came into its own because of Prohibition, and by the time it was repealed we were permanently stuck with organized crime.

Michael Moore's is right about one thing: in order to Constitutionally do what gun banners want to do, the second amendment must be repealed. But simply making guns illegal is only going to lead to more violent crime, and anyone capable of sentient thought knows it.

* * *

Obama's incompetence is eclipsed only by that of John Boehner.
Look, I loathe Barack Obama but why would he put anything on the table if all he has to do is wait for Boehner and Cantor to cook up another unilateral concession? Obama is a lying SOB but he's not an idiot.
No, you generally do not get to be President if you are being a complete moron. Boehner, meanwhile, probably is not any dumber than Obama is.

The problem here is that DrewM is assuming Boehner actually wants to cut spending and taxes. I don't think he does. I don't think anyone in the GOP leadership wants to cut anything. By giving Obama what he wants, Boehner is getting what he and the GOP want, which is "Democrat Lite".

* * *

Take a look at how well Mexico's gun laws work. That is to say, they're pretty draconian laws, and apparently the criminals in Mexico don't care any more about their gun laws than our criminals do about ours.

* * *


Okay, apparently a .25 ACP handgun is capable of killing someone after all, as long as he's a complete fucking retard who points a loaded gun at himself and fires it while attempting to demonstrate how safe it is.

It's really hard for me to have any sympathy for someone who does that. I mean, it's a real firearm, not a NERF gun, and it fires real bullets which can really kill you--as he found out.

* * *

Porsche asshole takes two spots near the store. You know what? If you absolutely must take more than one spot to protect your pwecious wittle penis extension from door dings, have the fuckin' decency to park away from the damned store and hoof it.

* * *

Love the link text above the image: "yay i was hoping i would be dead inside for the next few months".

I laughed out loud at this image. I mean, I really laughed, and laughed more.

* * *

"#10 When you total up all working age Americans that do not have a job in America today, it comes to more than 100 million." That means that out of 390 million people in the US, 100 million do not have jobs.

And there are 74 other astonishing economic statistics in that list.

* * *

(Image stolen from and edited to remove the web link, which is why I'm providing it here.)

When you don't do what the cops tell you to do, you get a face full of pepper spray, and you get fined on top of it, and count yourself lucky that he didn't shoot you.

Basic theme: watch out what you wish for; you might get it.

But hey--maybe she really liked indian cuisine, you know? In which case that pepper spray probably only cleared her sinuses. (Can't say how the stuff felt in her eyes, though. I would wager the answer would be "not good" regardless of how used she was to spices.)

Civil disobedience is one of many valid ways to protest things you don't like, but never expect that it won't hurt.

* * *

Anyway, that's the blog post for today. I still need to clean the kitchen and get myself cleaned up, so I'm going to go do that.

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