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#3730: Hate it when I can't sleep

Same thing as always last night: slept for an hour or two, woke up, was awake for two hours, then slept maybe an hour or so before I had to get up to go to church. So of course I was totally dead this afternoon and had to sleep, and so I've still got to wrap presents and bake a pan of apple crisp.


And as I don't even have the energy for cooking, I ended up going to KFC for dinner.

The cantata went well at church today, though.

* * *

Betelgeuse has about eight days left to blow up before 2012 is over. They predicted it was going to blow up sometime this year, and it hasn't yet. The thing'll probably let go on January 1 just to piss those astronomers off....

(Yes I understand that Betelgeuse is some 400 light years away, and that if we are to see it explode this year it will have had to have exploded 400 years ago. The sentence I just wrote ought to be explanation enough why I am treating it like the intervening distance doesn't matter....)

* * *

That damned toilet in the master bath--

The lime, scale, and rust did not mind the brass wire brush, not even a little bit. As I was working on it I thought some kind of plastic scraper would be the best tool, and then I remembered the Harbor Freight gasket scraper set I bought in 2009 which is useless for removing gaskets from metal surfaces. I got this set because I needed to scrape gasket from the Escort's cylinder head, which is aluminum, but it didn't do anything useful.

But for this job, it worked. It was still a lot of work, and my back is really bothering me today (which does not help my energy level one bit), and I used up the remaining half bottle of toilet cleaner (The Works, which does. And I've still got a whole bottle left) but I got the damned thing clean.

I should have taken a "before" picture, because now you can hardly tell it was ever dirty.

A stronger solution of HCl would have been useful here. The Works is 20% HCl, which is good, but my parents both used to work in the chemical industry and would bring home dilute HCl of various concentrations, explicitly for this kind of job. Sadly, those days are over, though, and I must make do with what I can get over the counter.

(No they would not bring home molar--or glacial--HCl. Are you insane? HCl is a weak acid but if it's pure it will still eat your face off.)

I always really wanted them to get me some ammonium dichromate, because when you put about a tablespoon on a fireproof surface and set it on fire, it makes a neat little volcano effect as it burns and expands to some 20x its original size. Unfortunately neither of their employers used the stuff, and there were probably restrictions on it because of its flammability, and I think it's used in the manufacture of fireworks to boot--so, no. *sigh*

In any case, the damned toilet is fixed, and it's clean, and I no longer have to worry about it.

* * *

Helium was another thing I always wanted to get my hands on. Now, of course, you can buy a small disposable tank of the stuff for about $25, but my days of wanting to try making a remote-controlled airship of some sort are over. (And you can buy them now, anyway.)

* * *

A story idea: how do you punish an immortal and invulnerable man for a war crime that killed 1.3 billion people? (My answer: chuck him into the sun! I mean, he won't die, but how's he going to get out?)

* * *

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I still do not have a Christmas vignette to post here. *sigh*

* * *

Garfield blah blah yada yada:


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