atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3734: I wonder how many of them voted for Obama.

New Yorkers are unhappy at the size of the tax hikes they face if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire due to the "fiscal cliff".

Surprise, surprise: you want the socialism, you get the taxes. Government can't keep handing out trillions of dollars unless it taxes trillions of dollars, and the more it spends the more it must tax.

The fact that the people in the article are blaming Congress alone indicates that they're probably all Democrats, because that's the Democrat party line: "President Obama wants to get all these things done, but the do-nothing Congress won't let him!"

...when in fact Obama is just as complicit in the whole thing as the rest of them. None of these assholes cares to reduce federal spending, and they're all just trying to figure out how to hide that fact from the American people while making it look as if they're doing something.

What a load.

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