atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3736: Yesterday, Lemonzen became Mrs. Fungus

The title really says it all. We were married in a private ceremony at the church I attend, I in my best suit and her in a simple but elegant wedding dress. Dinner was at Cafe Borgia, as recommended by Og; after that, we tried visiting Og but he was out, and we tried going to see my aunt and uncle here in town but they were out. So we spread the news by telephone.

We originally planned on Jan 28 when we got engaged in September. Because of events, we then pushed it back to Mar 20; but then we realized (in early Dec) we didn't want to have to wait that long. Dec 31 was suggested and the motion carried unanimously.

We bought our marriage license and wedding rings on the 10th; Lemonzen--Mrs. Fungus--bought a wedding dress the week before Christmas and had its final fitting on the 23rd.

So she drove down to the Fungal Vale on Monday, having been put into her dress by her best friend S.; and the first I saw of her on our wedding day was when she was standing in the narthex at the church. We had an organist. Mrs. Fungus selected Pachelbel's "Canon in D" for the processional; I picked Handel's "Water Music" for the recessional and the organist really dove into it. I don't know the last time that organ at the church got to stretch its lungs, but that was damned awesome to hear.

The whole thing, bereft of extraneous pageantry, took about fifteen minutes, and both of us are well pleased with how it went: simple and beautiful.

I set up a video camera to record it, which is a good thing because neither of us can remember anything we said. Having compared notes, we discovered that all we can remember is standing there and looking at each other and putting the rings on each other. We vaguely remember there being music when we lit our unity candle, and we do recall repeating after the pastor as we said our vows, but otherwise? Near-total blank. Wow.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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