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#3738: Well, that wasn't such a chore, now was it?

Got Mrs. Fungus' computer set up and connected to the Internats in less time than it took me to set up my machine. Then again, I was also setting up the home network when I was setting up my machine....

I made an ethernet cable to connect her machine to the switch; and to my surprise, I made it right the first time. It's only been about three centuries since I last made an ethernet cable. Jesus.

Our computers and desks fit rather nicely in what used to be Mom's room. Mine's in the NE corner and hers is by the window. We still have an enormous amount of stuff to deal with, but at least our computers are functional again.

Our download speed is supposedly 50 Mbps. I haven't tested it, but I do know that web pages load a lot faster than they did with AT&T and the 6 Mbps DSL. Once I get El-Hazard wired in I bet the torrents will fly.

* * *

Among other things, we found Critter's spoon.

It's a cracked wooden spoon. You take the spoon in hand and you hit the cat with the flat of the spoon, and he purrs and purrs and just cannot seem to get enough. And you hit him pretty hard, too!


* * *

I remember discussing this a few years ago. The idea that the use of tetraethyl lead in gasoline might have had social effects because of lead poisoning occurred to me quite some time ago. About five years, to be exact.

I do find it to be a compelling notion, though. It would explain a lot.

Ace goes on to say:
I've harbored a bias towards pathogenic-type explanations for these sorts of things for a while now-- seizing on the theory that schizophrenia is caused by a virus.
I, too, think this is an interesting idea. I'd wager that homosexuality and other traits which would otherwise self-extinguish due to natural selection are due to congenital infections, things which are otherwise entirely asymptomatic.

...and how the hey do you prove or disprove something like that?

* * *

It's snowing now. It's the first time I've seen it snow this winter. And I have to go grocery shopping. *sigh*

Well, I have a Jeep! Ha, ha!

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