atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3740: Guns are not exactly high-tech.

We can make them ourselves if we have to.

Sorry: trying to keep high-capacity magazines out of the hands of people who really want them is about as possible as the Soviet Union's attempts to limit the spread of ideas during the age of the fax machine.

It's impossible, and if a gun ban is implented in the US there could easily end up being samizdat firearms.

Unless, of course, the US government also wants to heavily regulate and register the sales of machine tools, computers, 3D printers, and the associated hardware and raw materials.

In which case there'll be a market for black market shovels. Yeah.

Molon labe, bitches.

* * *

I say that despite the fact that the closest things I have to firearms in the house are, as follows:
1) A starter's pistol which cannot fire anything other than specially-made blanks
2) A very convincing replica of a muzzleloading rifle which cannot actually fire
3) A potato cannon which lacks an ignition source
Under one interpretation of the Illinois Firearm Code, the latter qualifies as a real firearm. Yeah.

Effect on a man of a potato fired from said cannon at point-blank range: approximately "ow". I wouldn't want to rely on such a device for self-defense, since the procedure to load and fire the thing is long enough--and unreliable enough--that someone with a pointed stick* could take you out before you even got the cap on the combustion chamber.

* Shut up!

* * *

And the good old BATFE BBQWTF EIEIO has raided a guy whose son claimed was manufacturing automatic weapons and selling them.

Agents took one 22-caliber rifle and two 22-caliber pistols from the home of Bennie Nephous Adams, 70, on the 700 block of Becky Lane in July while executing a search warrant, federal records show. They also took a three-ring notebook with “drawings and manufacturing specifications.”

No charges have been filed. Adams could not be reached for comment.
So someone tell me when "drawings and manufacturing specifications" were specifically outlawed? As far as I know, having two legal guns and a binder of drawings does not equate to "this guy's making machine guns!"

Not a word in the article about, y'know, machine tools or anything like that; just that the guy's a "former machinist".

All this based on a "tip". Whee!

* * *

A "new study" predicts something conservatives predicted before Obamacare was passed. Yes, insurance rates will necessarily skyrocket; the damned law was designed thus in order to destroy the medical insurance industry. You can't get "single payer" without doing that first.

* * *

4th Century chapel found in Turkey. Cool story.

* * *

27-inch tablet spells AWESOME for tabletop gamers. Man, the possibilities for gaming are endless.

Maybe by the time I'm 60 I can finally realize my dream of having all the maps and everything contained in a computer, and players just input their moves and dice rolls into the program....

* * *

Turns out Mrs. Fungus and I only have 25 Mbps Internet service. That's still fast enough that I was able to torrent the entirety of the El Hazard TV series in about two hours--9 GB worth--and web pages tend to load instantly.

Can't complain about that.

Lag in WoW is about the same as it was with AT&T--ca 80 milliseconds--so there's nothing to complain about there.

If only the movers hadn't broken the base of Mrs. Fungus' TV....

You know, that annoys me. Toshiba made the thing out of freakin' glass. Glass over a thin layer of plastic. What the hell kind of shit do you call that? Glass? As the main structural component? WTF.

So the TV in the family room is laying against the wall, screen side in, so it doesn't get kicked or otherwise damaged, while we wait for the movers to ship us a new base for the thing.


On the plus side, we've got two boxes, and one's connected to the blab slab that's still in my old bedroom. Last night we watched some Babylon 5 on the thing and otherwise enjoyed a quiet evening at home, just being together.

Can't complain about that.

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