atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3741: Job hunt cycle 2013, one interview down

Had a job interview this morning for an actual PC technician job. That would be good. I believe I did fairly well. Here's hoping.

* * *

...nothing in the news prompts any commentary from me.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus stayed home from work yesterday. Fibromyalgia--she couldn't even open a bottle of Pepsi because her arms and legs hurt so. I ended up tending to her and getting nothing else done, but we did have a plesaant day otherwise, just laying in bed together and watching TV.

* * *

I'm starting to get used to the computer being in Mom's old room. I still haven't gotten my desk junk out of the boxes I crammed it all into, except for a few bits and pieces, because I simply have not had the motivation to do so.

Mrs. Fungus wants hamburgers for dinner tonight, so I've got to hit the store this afternoon for buns and cheese at a bare minimum; and the interview this morning has left me feeling too drained to think about anything more complex than basic domestic chores.

One of the boxes on my desk says, "Caution! Plastic bottles, do not cut below this line!" and as usual my grammar brain kicks into high gear: this is obviously an instruction meant to be followed only by plastic bottles! Right?

* * *

The weather will be on the warm side for the rest of the week, so I've got to decide when I want to dig into the truck's cooling system again.

I have, sitting on the counter, a pair of PVC transitions meant to be fitted to some radiator hose. These will let me use the heater flush hoses I made to flush the entire cooling system: plumb a garden hose into the inlet of the water pump, and plumb a discharge hose into the outlet of the cooling system, then turn on the water and start the engine. Next thing you know, the engine block is gunk-free. Then I'll re-flush the heater core and hopefully have heat that works properly again.

The only thing I do know is that I'm not doing that today. But soon, soon....

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