atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3743: Why are you surprised?

We conservatives predicted this and you called us lunatics. Now that it's actually coming to pass, everyone is all butthurt and surprised.

Look: it was bleeding obvious from the get-go that if Obamacare considered a 30-hour week to be "full time" lots of employers would cut hours below that figure rather than be forced to provide EXPENSIVE medical insurance to all and sundry. WE PREDICTED THIS and all you lefty-liberal types just blithely insisted we were bigoted racist homophobes who were opposing Obama because he's black.

Here's a hint for all you idiots out there who are stunned and surprised at basic fucking cause and effect: IF YOU MAKE A COMMODITY MORE EXPENSIVE TO PROCURE OR PROVIDE THERE WILL BE LESS OF IT, and that includes commodities like MAN-HOURS.

We have seen this and seen it with things like gasoline and electricity, so why are you shocked that making the employment of a person more expensive will lead to fewer working hours for said employee? Are you that fucking stupid that you can't figure it out without diagrams and sentences composed of words with one syllable each?


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