atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3749: All food is organic

...and paying more for snob appeal is a bad investment. "Organic" food is not better for you, and the price premium you pay is therefore wasted money.

* * *

"Of course you still have your so-called right to alcohol, don't be stupid." Read it. Read it all. Pass it on.

* * *

Well...the entirety of Yawara! has finally been subtitled, and I've got it on El-Hazard.

Problem is, there's no good way to watch it. I'm going to have to physically move El-Hazard to the family room and connect it to the TV in there if I want to watch it. *sigh*

The only way I could get the episodes I didn't have was to gank the entire batch of 124 episodes. That's 22 GB worth of anime, and El-Hazard had perhaps 12 GB of space on its drive, meaning I had to move a bunch of stuff off it. But now I've got it all, and can enjoy it.

Then watch the final movie again...which will necessitate hooking the DVD/VCR up to the TV in the family room, because the movie is on VHS tape. Whee!

On the plus side, the 22 GB batch torrent came down that fat Comcast 25 Mbps pipe in about two or three hours, and I was able to play WoW as it did. Bonus points!

* * *

Speaking of cable TV, I've found myself watching TV again: specifically, Craig Fergusen, because he is the one TV comedian who has actually made me laugh out loud more than once.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus bought me a copy of Jim Butcher's Cold Days, the latest Dresden Files book. Unfortunately, there's an earlier book in the series I haven't read yet called Ghost Story and I want to read them in order. Well, since my cousin in Saint Louis sent me a $25 gift card, I ordered a copy of the latter book on-line, and it should be here Tuesday. So I'll have two novels to week.

Ghost Story was out in hardcover last year, and I always wait for paperback since I can't really justify the expense of hardcover books right now. Mrs. Fungus intended to buy me the next book in the series but instead got the latest one--well, it's all good because I will enjoy reading Cold Days and it's a very, very nice thing for her to have done.

It does mean, though, that I won't be reading a new Dresden Files book in December or next January unless I buy the next one in hardcover. Whee! Well, life is a compromise.

* * *

Carmageddon is here!!! See you in a week or so....

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