atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3750: So much for that.

Carmageddon works horribly on this system.

I'm really not sure why, exactly. But the resolution is awful and the game doesn't run fast; in fact it is worse on my Pentium D dual-core machine running 3 GHz than it is on the old Celeron single-core machine, vintage 1998, running at 500 MHz.

No, I don't understand why; I'm going to have to delve into the mysteries of the DOSBox .conf file to figure out if they've put some kind of "rev limiter" on the thing, but I doubt they have.

The other problem: the volume control for the music doesn't work right, so sometimes you get music whether you want it or not.

Oh well.

* * *

Also, Ghost Story arrived with today's mail, so instead of playing Carmageddon I'll be reading. Well, that's probably better for me, anyway.

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