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#3752: $33 for windshield wipers? Seriously?

I just spent $33 buying a pair of windshield wiper blades for my wife's car. They used to cost $5 apiece; now suddenly one damn wiper blade is $21. Of course you can't just get refills for the damned things, no; that would make sense. You have to replace the entire f-ing thing. WTF.

The driver's side wiper was shot; the wiper blade was partly detached from the thing and it wasn't wiping effectively. To make matters worse, some anus apparently put summer-strength wiper fluid into the washer tank, so now it's frozen.

Helpful tip: no matter how much less it costs, never NEVER NEVER use windshield washer fluid that has a freezing point above 0° F. I don't care if the summer stuff is a dollar a gallon and it's June; buy the stuff that's good down to -20° and use it exclusively, because chances are you won't use it all and come January your washer tank will become a solid block of ice.

...and it'll happen right when your windshield is covered with that hazy salt spray crap.

* * *

Regulation of journalists is the next bullet point on the totalitarian agenda. As it stands now the serfs of Europe are effectively disarmed by draconian gun laws, so the next step is to limit the press to saying only things the government approves of.

* * *

Gun control:

James Taylor says, "Let's give up a little freedom so we can be safe." You first, Mr. Taylor: will you let the government tell you what songs you may sing? Will you let the government tell you what subjects you may not write songs about?

If not, STFU, because your ideas on limiting the right to keep and bear arms are exactly the same as any idea on limiting the right to freedom of expression.

And in fact your right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the right to keep and bear arms. Look at the link above this one.


Molon labe. Utah sheriff says, "...we are prepared to trade our lives...." Dang.


Molon labe part two: thousands of New York owners of "assault rifles" are planning not to register their eeeevil black rifles when the law goes into effect. And when registration fails, then what? Will the police in NY arrest all who refuse to comply? Can the NY justice system handle that many cases?

* * *

Karl Denninger says, "Here it comes." He means "recession"--official recession, that is, as the recession never actually ended--and that means more unemployment, higher prices, etc.

The economic machinery has had too much sand poured into the gearbox for it to work efficiently. Too much taxation, too much regulation--and all the government spending in the world can't keep the thing going. We're boned.

* * *

Malthusian nonsense continues to be loved and accepted by leftists, regardless of the fact that it's repeatedly been proven wrong. Malthus wrote his tract in the 18th century; Ehrlich wrote his in the 1960s--and they were both wrong for all the same reasons.

We currently grow enough grains to feed some four times the population of the world; widespread famine is not a problem. All the starvation that does exist in the world is a problem of distribution rather than supply.

Example: Ethiopia in the 1980s. That was a political famine, and the millions of dollars' worth of food that was shipped to Ethiopia by charities was seized by the same MARXIST DICTATOR who was responsible for the famine in the first place.

* * *

I still keep Java disabled most of the time. I only turn it on when I come across a site which requires it, which happens too often.

Even Googe wants to serve up some kind of nonsense to me when I have Java enabled, and asks me if I want to save or run some kind of program. Naturally I refuse, but it's taught me to keep Java turned off.

It's a pox, it is.

* * *

Anyway, today revolves around more work on [RELEASE CANDIDATE ONE]. I've got most of the formatting taken care of--it's now in a proper submission format rather than the "publish" format in which I wrote it--and I just need to tidy up the loose ends and do the final proofread. In this, Mrs. Fungus is helping me; we're going through it and reading it aloud to find whatever remaining errors there are.

Then? Find publishers and submit.

It's been a long time coming, but we're on the way. "Long overdue, wanker," I can hear some of you saying...and you're right.


* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I have been watching Babylon 5, and we're now 3 eps into the 3rd season. I'd forgotten how good that damned show is, and watching it on a 46" blab slab just makes it that much better.

...DVD and LCD do have a distressing tendency to reveal the flaws in the source material, though. The first-season CGI looked--to put it charitably--grainy; B5 was one of the first TV series to use a lot of CGI and they did an honest job, but this was 1993 and "state of the art" was not as sophisticated as it is now. (Didn't they use Commodore Amigas to render that stuff? Indeed they did.) The CGI isn't bad; it's just not as good as modern CGI and I have to remember this stuff's twenty years old, fer crissakes.

And the writing is damned good.

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