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#3761: The unemployment figure really isn't as good as the headlines would have you believe.

As usual, Karl Denninger digs into the details and reveals how much of a stinker this particular Cleveland Steamer is.

He says, "There has been no meaningful change in actual population-adjusted employment whatsoever over the last 12 months."

"10.8%: That's what the unemployment rate would be if the labor force participation rate was the same as in Jan. 2009". But since so many people have simply given up looking for work owing to the fact that there are no freaking jobs out there--and because the press is completely unskeptical of everything their Democrat boy in the White House says--the government gets away with claiming that everything is just Jim dandy, thanks.

* * *

Illinois is still boned. Illinois has the highest pension liabilities of any state in the union, and you can look to Illinois as the indicator of when the fecal excrement is about to hit the rotary air displacement system.

Illinois has indefinitely postponed a sale of $500 million in bonds because the interest rate would be too high. IL's already paying the highest interest rate in the nation (3.2%) and that's not going to improve so long as the Democrat-run government persists in its typical blue state idiocy.

But, what the hey. It was bound to happen somewhere.

* * *

I don't know how Michaeal Flynn does it. How he gets to be a successful SF author while maintaining such views, I mean.

Even so, it means there's hope for me. If I can ever get off my kiester and submit [RELEASE CANDIDATE ONE] to publishers, that is.

Mrs. Fungus and I are currently engaged in a read-through of the thing, which has helped me identify some minor issues that need correction. Once we're done with that and the changes are made, then it's time.

At last.

* * *

This year's winter has been much less mild than last year's was. Last year I was able to ride the motorcycle a few times even in January, but this year I haven't ridden the motorcycle since November--or quite possibly October; I don't even remember now. Point is, it's just been too bloody cold outside; and when the temps have gone above freezing, it's been raining, or we've had gale-force winds.

That means I'll have to prime the carbs before I start her up, the next time I can take her out. Oh well. And I'm going to want to dump some fuel system cleaner into the tank, too.

Today, however, is very cold compared to the winter thus far. It was 3° last night and it might manage as much as 11°. *sigh*

* * *

I managed to play some WoW yesterday, for the first time in a few days, and old Cadwallader got two levels in rapid succession. To be fair, he was already pretty close to 75th when I started.

After getting 76th I shut down the machine to make dinner; Mrs. Fungus was on her way home and I wanted it to be ready when she arrived. I'd given her a choice: beef stir fry, or chicken stuff, and she chose the latter, so that's what we had.

* * *

Not much else going on, though. What do you want?

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