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#3763: Well, awkward....

Boy Scouts of America were considering changing their rule against openly gay scoutmasters.

Scoutmaster charged with sexually abusing young boys.

...yeah. Well, you know, nothing should get in the way of the progressive agenda, right?

* * *

And while we're on the subject of nothing getting in the way of the blue model, the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan is considering a tax on sneakers. The Illinoistan congresscritter sponsoring the new tax says, "Everywhere, funding is challenged."

What is in fact "challenged" is the entire Illinois state government. Mentally challenged. The state is hemorrhaging jobs because taxes are already too high, and this cockmongler's idea is more taxes.

If this nonsense passes it'll definitely mean that I'll be buying shoes in Indiana from now on. It may cost me more in gasoline, but I'm sick of these blue state idiots trying to find new things to tax.

I mean, next thing you know, they'll want to impose a tax on..."thingy".

* * *

Continuing that theme, assassinations. The press--which was all over Bush on anything that looked even remotely like a human rights violation--is suspiciously silent when it comes to Obama doing exactly the same sort of thing:
KIRSTEN POWERS: I can't. You know, I mean, they're clearly hypocrites. They clearly don't really care about human rights. They only care if it helps them politically. That's all I can say. There are a couple of people who are great on this issue. Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian, Conor Friedersdorf out at the Atlantic. There are, you know, a couple of people that are very consistent on this, but for the most part, yeah, it's completely despicable.

The idea that, you know, you think that George Bush is a war criminal for water boarding three planners of 9/11 attacks, but you don't have a problem with the President having a kill list. Again, we knew he had a kill list before the election, this is not new information. We, it's just gotten worse because now we've seen that they're doing exactly what President Obama criticized Bush for which is basically making up, making the law fit around his already preconceived notions.

And what Obama is doing an un-Constitutional and it’s illegal. There's no question. There is no way you can argue that you can kill an American without due process, and that he's not being held accountable by the media, I mean, he has not even addressed this memo. Could you imagine if this was Bush?
Because Bush was Bushitlernazicheneyhaliburton, and Obams is TEH WON, don't you know? It's different,'s different! Okay?? Different!

"Despicable"? Sure. But it's nothing new; the left has been hypocritical on everything ever since it existed.

* * *

Gas prices are at record highs for February. Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats! I'm sure your policies of actively discouraging the finding and exploitation of natural resources has absolutely nothing to do with this.

Yes that's sarcasm.

* * *

I'm guessing the eco-nazis will win this one. Liberals don't care about poor people nearly as much as they care about kicking Industry in the ass. In fact, liberals would much rather see everyone be unemployed and dependent on government; middle class people are typically upwardly mobile and the upwardly mobile don't need government. That cuts into the blue power base, and that simply will not do.

* * *

This post calls the Argentinian freeze on supermarket prices a "cockamamie scheme", and rightly so. [Insert wry comment about Peron being a communist.]

* * *

USPS pays too much for labor costs; that's why it's broke. I was actually surprised to learn, recently, about someone who had been a USPS employee who was fired for misbehavior. I mean, damn--but she broke her supervisor's arm in an altercation, so I guess even the USPS union is limited in what it can paper over.

You get a job with USPS and essentially they cannot fire you absent extremity. (Like breaking your boss' arm, I guess.) The jobs pay very well and come with gold-plated benefits.

...and the government is broke, and people aren't sending nearly as much mail as they used to. The USPS could probably afford to cut back on employees, except for that pesky "union" thing.

* * *

My fevered brain is incapable of dealing with the complex fiscal maneuvering discussed in this post. The headline is, "Brace For A Stock Market Accident" which is probably the last thing in the piece I can really understand right now.

My misfiring brain takes one thing away from the piece: leverage is going to be a major problem when the market crashes, the same way it was in 1929.
In the short term, it is clear that central banks need to entertain the illusion of viable stock market valuations by pulling rabbits from a hat. But as high-powered money reaches ever higher levels, the probability of accidents looms large.
* * *

Gun control:

This is why I continue not to have any faith in the GOP as protector of rights. The GOP continues to speak liberal shibboleths in an attempt to get the press to like them--something which has never worked and isn't going to start working now.


Leftists loved guns before they seized control of the establishment.


Meanwhile, I like Bruce Willis. "I think that you can't start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it's all going to become undone," he says, getting it exactly right. Once you remove one of them, you've set a dangerous precedent for removing all of them. Bad idea.


What was Obama's skeet score? What's his average?


10-year-old arrested for bringing a plastic toy gun to school. Arrested. Arrested for "brandishing a weapon" because he didn't say it was fake? What about the bright orange muzzle that all toy guns have, and that this gun has?


* * *

Blackberry's OS is vastly superior to iOS or Android. This is the kind of thing which would make me want a smartphone, being able to log on to my car's on-board computer and find out how things are working. "Hey, my fuel economy is dropping--and what's with the reading from that O2 sensor?"

* * *

Making a Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature. I would not have thought that possible, but then again esoteric physics left me behind about 15 years ago.

It's no secret that new discoveries in physics are the province of the young. That's just how it is, and has been, for more than a century. It requires a certain flexibility of mind--and the rebelliousness of youth--to find the bits and pieces of new theories in the cracks of the hidebound old.

Well, it's not my problem, considering that I'm not a physicist.

* * *

I will not accept this. I am not going to have or carry a national ID card, particularly one that contains biometric data. I simply will not do it.

Especially since they won't be required for voting.

* * *

A list of the harbingers of tyranny from Doug Ross.

* * *

Ace makes a good point here. The GOP always tries for the big score and usually fails, rather than make points here and there and succeed a lot.

Like I said here:
I had to work, and all the way there I kept seeing lightning flashing in the clouds. "Uh oh," I said to myself. "Five bucks says the rain is pounding down just when I have to get out of the car."

Well, I got lucky and it wasn't...but around 10 minutes after I entered the building, the storm finally hit...


As far as making bets with yourself, I realized that when I make a "Five bucks says...." statement the condition for victory is usually rather strict. That is not how to propose a wager; the way to propose a wager is to maximize your possibilities of winning rather than narrow the conditions for victory.

Incorrect: I'll bet $5 that we have a cool and cloudy morning, followed by a brisk but fair afternoon, with a 40% chance of precipitation by nightfall.

Correct: I'll bet $5 that there's weather tomorrow.
What the GOP does is like the former example, and it should be doing the latter instead.

* * *

To my surprise, Aku no Hana has been updating a lot in the past week. It was stagnant for months--since June!--and all of a sudden BAM there's a chapter coming out every day.

Well, it's caught up to publication now, so the guy doing it says it'll be at least 3 days before we see the next chapter, and after that--who knows?

This series is not my usual cup of tea. It's a tragedy (in both the modern and classic senses of the term) and there is no humor in it, but for some reason I started reading it and couldn't stop.

The entire premise of "disaffected junior high kid rebelling against society" thing is not exactly a new trope anywhere in the world, nor is there anything novel about stories in which kids screw up big-time. It's "challenging" and I do not like "challenging", yet I check the site for updates with depressing regularity because this particular title is compelling enough that I want to see what happens next.

* * *

Anyway, I took the 4th dose of Amox about an hour ago. Glands are still swollen and tender, and I still feel pretty woozy, but I'm feeling better than I did on Sunday evening. Mrs. Fungus said, this morning, that I no longer look flushed, but I have no idea if that's still true or not. 24 hours of Amoxicillin isn't going to knock this sucker out, and it's going to be several days before I have any real energy again. Fortunately I have a 21-day supply of Amox and will take it all, one dose at a time, every eight hours, which should knock this sucker out. I should be feeling better within a week or so; if not I'll go see the doc and get something stronger. But Amox usually does it, so hopefully I won't need another RX.

Mrs. Fungus commanded me not to go anywhere today. I was originally planning to go do some shopping, but she asked, "C'mon, is there anything we really need?" and the answer was, "I suppose not," so she told me she didn't want me going anywhere today, and I was to stay home and rest.

Well, whatevs. It's not like I've got all that much gumption right now, anyway.

This "chronic sinusistis" thing is for the birds.

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