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#3764: I feel crappy!

I feel less crappy than I did Sun-Mon, but still feel pretty thoroughly wiped out. I've gotten to the stage where I have more energy, but it's not robust: I can be active for a short while before I have to stop doing anything and rest. ("Active" meaning doing anything more strenuous than sitting at the computer. Like cleaning, taking out trash, etc.)

Plus side: glands are finally less tender than they have been, even as they're getting a bit more swollen.

The Amox is doing its job and I'm on the mend. That's the important part.

* * *

Our economy has seen an efficiency gain of only 1% the last two years because all the fat has been trimmed. Or nearly all, at any rate.

Look: when recession hit, employers cut workforce. That's why they're such bad news and we don't like them; unemployment rises and spending drops. But it's a necessary part of the economic cycle, because it clears out deadwood and prompts innovation and investment in things which make money rather than things which are obsolete or otherwise useless. Like a forest fire clearing the way for new trees, recession forces industry and business to clean up and stop wasting money.

The problem comes in when the recession is continuous for a very long time. When that happens, the low-hanging fruit is dealt with immediately--"We don't need three people to drive one truck. Fire two of 'em."--and businesses cut costs in other ways to remain profitable during the lean time. But when those lean times go on and on and on--then what?

The ongoing recession forces businesses to cut further, to find new ways to trim expenses and improve efficiency...but as time goes on finding things that can be cut becomes ever more difficult.

That's where we are now, and that's why those gains are so small. It's not good news.

* * *

So, Democrat ex-cop has allegedly gone on a shooting spree, trying to kill LAPD cops and their families.

LAPD has responded to this crisis, apparently, by shooting up any blue pickup truck that breathes wrong, no matter who owns it.

The national media is, as usual, completely uninterested in this guy's politics because he's a Democrat.

* * *

There have been no spending cuts in D.C. for a very, very long time. Actual real cuts, I mean, not "reductions in the rate of growth".

The budget gets bigger every year, regardless of who is in charge or how the economy is performing. That's why there's such a panic over sequestration; that's an actual real honest-to-God cut in federal spending, where the actual number of dollars being spent is reduced.

...which is why I (cynically) predicted that it would never, never, ever be allowed to happen. I predicted it at the time this idiotic deal was passed and signed; there has never been a decrease in federal spending and this won't be the first time one happens.

(Yes, I know--WW2 saw massive government spending and after it was over, it dropped. That was a special circumstance, and it's not happened since.)

No one in D.C. is interested in seeing actual federal spending go down, either in terms of dollars or purchasing power. Everyone there wants to maintain the status quo; they merely disagree on things like the rate of increase and the allocation of those dollars. But for all the talk about deficit reduction and economic stimulus and-and-and, no one in D.C. is actually trying to do anything that would fix the problem at hand, which is runaway federal spending...because no one in D.C. believes that to be a problem.

* * *

Dinner was mac and cheese with tuna, and having eaten it I now feel like laying back down.


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