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#3765: "Thank a union member"? Why?

At Culver's tonight (I am too damned tired to cook anything) I was behind an elevator repair truck, and on it was a bumper sticker. Little text: "Enjoy your 40-hour workweek and weekends off?" Big text: "THANK A UNION MEMBER".

The unions of today have about as much to do with the establishment of the 40-hour workweek and weekends off as I do with the institution of slavery: NONE WHATSOEVER.

The labor laws we enjoy were due in part to the efforts of unions in the early 20th century, yes. You can thank the progressive movement and people like Theodore Roosevelt for it; then (as now) a lot of the CEOs, bigwigs, and fat cats were Democrats and wanted to maintain the status quo.

Some kind of adjustment was inevitable, regardless of how it came about, really. The working conditions early in the industrial revolution were horrendous and it could not last; one way or another that would have changed. This would have happened for the same reason the institution of slavery was doomed: it was the result of economic conditions that could not remain indefinitely.

So, more than a hundred years ago, we got the labor laws that mandate a 40-hour workweek, paid overtime, and-and-and...and the guy driving that elevator repair truck is just as much a beneficiary of that as I am.

So why thank him?

Besides, these days, unions are all about union power, and not about the workers any longer. One need only look at the recent Hostess fiasco to understand that.

* * *

Jesse Jackson Junior is corrupt. Gee, a corrupt Chicago Democrat. Unprecedented.


* * *

Corrupt California education administrators not quite literally taking the food from poor kids' mouths to pay for things like lawn sprinklers and school district TV station employees. But vouchers are bad for the children don't you know.

* * *

LAPD shooting first and asking questions later.

JayG weighing in on the same story. And he makes the point that if a civilian did something like that, he'd go to jail for a very, very long time. But of course it's fine for "only ones" to shoot up a truck that's not even the same size as the one driven by the object of their manhunt, solely because it's a similar color. And if a few civilians are wounded, bah! Who cares? They're only civilians, and there are millions of them.

Kind of points out how fraudulent that whole "to protect and serve" nonsense is, though, doesn't it?

And Karl Denninger weighs in, and it's chock-full of libertarian goodness.

I really used to have a lot of respect for the police, but as I get older and more cynical that respect is eroding rather quickly.

* * *

Maybe Chicago needs to have some new laws against armed robbery. Maybe that'll make the criminals stop robbing people.

What? That's the kind of thought that goes into the gun control argument: we need to make the criminal use of guns more illegal so criminals will stop using them. So why don't we make robbery and assault more illegal? Why don't we pass new laws against those things?

* * *

For some reason I am always gobsmacked by what happens about 2-3 days after I start a round of Amox: I get tired again.

Really, I think it's just the same level of fatigue as I experienced before I started taking the stuff, but having had 36 hours of higher energy levels it feels like being sandbagged. The body adjusts to the new regime and the immune system winds back into high gear, and I end up sleeping all day.

Pain in the anus, really, but there isn't much I can do about it.

On the plus side I managed to get the shopping dealt with. We were just about out of everything, so it was an $80 trip to the store, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Getting that done just about took all my energy, though. *sigh*

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