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#3771: Stupid stuff

How is that not racist?

Look: if your social security check is going to be direct-deposit, it means you have to have a bank account. Thanks to the Patriot Act, you need a government issued photo ID to open a bank account.

We are told that requiring people to have photo IDs in order to vote is racist for a variety of reasons, yet requiring people to have photo IDs in order to receive government benefits is not.

Then again, this is government; who says it has to make sense or be anything approximating consistent?

* * *

McCain is butthurt that the press stopped loving him. I'm with Ace on this one: how does someone smart enough to become and stay a US Senator not understand why the press loves him so much?

Maybe it's just because people often can't see the stupidity that's closest to them. It's why battered women usually insist on giving their abusive husbands "just one more chance" even while everyone else in their lives are screaming in frustration "GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!"

The press' love for McCain was always predicated on the way he loved to bash other Republicans--nothing more, nothing less. The real tragedy is that I think McCain himself was shocked that the 2008 campaign went the way it did, considering that he did everything the way the press said they liked things to be done by the Republican in the race.

McCain ran a foolish and inept campaign for President based entirely on hoping that the national news media liked him enough to continue to be nice to him the way they were when he's doing his "off the record" rants about the mean and nasty Republicans.

Instead, the press was (and is) like a man using a woman for his own satisfaction: "Yeah, baby, I know I said I wouldn't bust one in your mouth. My bad. Now, quit bitching and go get me a beer." McCain is now having to grab the Listerine and doesn't appear to understand why.

* * *

From here on out it's NON stupid stuff. Just so you know.

Remember that Steven Den Beste helped design the modern cellular telephone when you read this post.

It takes quite a bit of brain power to consider four-dimensional objects when you can only directly perceive a 3D cross section of them. Whenever I try, I get a headache.

* * *

Today marks the first time in...quite a long while that I even picked up my MP3 player. I just don't listen to music much right now; when Mrs. Fungus is not home I have the phone nearby in case she calls, and when she is home I want to be able to hear her.

But right now she's at work, and will not be leaving for 1.5 hours, so I believe I can safely listen to a few tunes. Whee!

* * *

According to the radar, it should just be starting to snow here. I don't see snow falling outside my window, though. Oh well.

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