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#3775: So who do you think wins the Obama vs. Woodward match?

Karl Denninger asks if Obama thinks threatening Bob Woodward is a good idea. Okay, Bob Woodward and his buddy Bernstein took down one President; that demonstrates that they've got the investigative horsepower to take down any President who's got dirt on him--and Obama is not exactly squeaky clean.

Woodward claims, "A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I'm Doing" (taken from headline, so please excuse the title case) and that's just not the kind of thing you do to a Very Senior Journalist like Bob Woodward.

I don't like Bob Woodward, but like him or not you must acknowledge that he's one of the high muckity-mucks of the journalism world. (See above, "brought down a President".) Presidents come and go; journalists tend not to, and you can't tell a high-profile reporter with the kind of chops Woodward has just to "go away".

Meanwhile, it almost seems as if the media has moved left while Bob Woodward stayed put, doesn't it? The media is attacking him for daring to tell the truth--the sequester was Obama's idea--and refusing to back down from telling the truth even after the White House makes its displeasure known.

Well, that's about how the left works, anyway. The truth is whatever they need it to be today in order to get best advantage.

* * *

Obama put all his skill points into the "campaigning" skill, and has none anywhere else. That makes sense. If you're a tabletop gamer, anyway.
Barack Obama knows how to do one thing: elect Barack Obama to public office. And that’s not ‘elect Democrats.’ Or ‘elect liberals.’ Or even ‘elect people that Barack Obama likes.’ It’s just him: his team is trying pretty hard right now to figure out how to use their over-specialized skill more generally, but they don’t have much time to figure it out and the system is actually rigged against them in this case. Barack Obama certainly doesn’t know how to govern effectively; take away a Congress that will rubber-stamp the Democratic agenda and he flails about. He’s so bad at this, in fact, that when confronted with a situation where all he had to do was do nothing to fulfill a campaign promise (the tax cuts) we somehow ended up with a situation where Obama gave in on 98% of those tax cuts and voluntarily signed up to take the blame for the AMT fix.
This would be much more of a liability for a politician who didn't have the media covering for him (see above).

* * *

This is about what I expect from "capital-A atheists." Dawkins is a major Atheist, down to writing several books about it...and he has such courage of his convictions that he "has no opinion" on Allah.

Simple fact: it's easy to bash Christianity and Judaism because those religions don't behead people who insult them.

* * *

We've needed a good asteroid defense for some time. The lede for this article? "The odds that a potentially devastating space rock will hit Earth this century may be as high as one in 10. So why isn’t NASA trying harder to prevent catastrophe?"

Answer: Because NASA is not in the defense business. As I recall their charter is pretty specific about that since it's supposed to be a civilian agency but there's more to it than that, even. The simple fact is, NASA is about employing government bureaucrats; their bailiwick of space exploration is just the excuse they have for doing so.

Even if NASA were suddenly put in charge of asteroid defense, what could they do? With no man-rated boosters?

As things stand now we'd be better off paying the Russians to do it.

* * *

JayG has yet another example of how economically useless solar power is.

* * *

Apparently GDP grew at an annualized--annualized, that is to say "multiplied by four"--rate of 0.1% in the last quarter of 2012.

Woohoo! That there economy sure is booming!

* * *

Anyway, I went to see the doctor today. He put me on a stronger antibiotic and a course of steroids to deal with the swelling in my retronasal area; we'll see how we do. That's the first time in a very long one that I've needed more than Amoxicillin to deal with a URI. Well, I don't have to like it.

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