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#3776: All but one are about gun control.

Illinois won't let me have guns, but I'm still a gunblogger, damn it.

Download this gun. Arse Technica is aghast that "...3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds. And the Department of Justice says there's nothing illegal about it, either."

There is one illegal thing about it. Me, I can't own a gun, because of the two weeks I spent in the nuthatch in 2011. The Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan revoked my FOID, so I can't even have a working muzzleloader or potato cannon without breaking the law. So if I were to spend the thousands of dollars necessary to buy the equipment to 3D print a gun, and actually printed said gun, I would be committing a felony.

But if I were 100% legal to own firearms, yes, I could build my own guns. They still have to comply with all extant regulations (which means I couldn't make my own full-auto AK-47) but the only thing keeping me from owning firearms is Illinois' stupid FOID law. If I lived in Indiana or Iowa I could own long guns without any trouble whatsoever, which means I could build my own AR-15 if I had the wherewithal to do so. 3D printing technology merely makes home-made firearms easier to build; it does not take something which was formerly impossible and put it in the hands of the average psychopath.

* * *

The best rallying cry in the world is, "They can't put us all in jail!" At least, they cannot do that without revealing their true intentions. Civil disobedience is the way to go with NY's stupid and draconian new gun control law; simply refuse to acknowledge it and hire a good lawyer.

The other good thing? All the corporations which are refusing to do business with NY, refusing to sell law enforcement anything that the civilians of the state cannot buy.

And as JayG points out, the gun ban isn't about safety anyway. It's about government grabbing every chance to get a monopoly on violence. The whole "only ones" thing about firearms, well of course we don't expect film crews to go out and shoot up a 7-11 in order to get enough money for their next hit of crack, so it's fine for them to have all kinds of guns. Also, we love their money, and they might stop coming here if we don't let them do what they want, so it's fine. Besides, they're all props and fakes, and they only shoot blanks, right?

You don't need a gun to protect yourself! All you need to do is dial 911 and the police will protect you! When seconds count, the police are minutes away...except when they're hours away, as is the case in all too many cities in the US.

* * *

Now all we need is for the rest of the world to follow the EU with this incredibly simple and obvious law, and there will be no more unemployment! Depression over! Right?

...simply decree that all young people (under age 26) will be offered a job within four months of graduation, and your problem is solved! Right?


Only an unelected bureaucrat could possibly think that kind of solution will fix anything.

* * *

So I went to see the doc yesterday, and as I said he prescribed a new antibiotic and a course of steroids to deal with the swelling in my retronasal space.

...I promptly got the worst frickin' heartburn I've had in a long time.

Mrs. Fungus did her best for me; I'd told her not to bother picking up anything for me to eat on her way home from work, as fast food was not what I needed; I was going to make something simple when she got home. But she tried to find a Denny's to get something mild--well, she got a bum steer and ended up at a hipster douchebag cafe that had soup and sandwiches, but apparently they stop making sandwiches after a certain time, Because. She ended up bringing me a large cup of lentil soup and a brownie.

It's not her fault the soup was so damned bland I had to add about half a teaspoon of salt to it; it's similarly not her fault that about two hours later the epic heartburn returned, only this time it was lentil-flavored. Urgh.

I felt simply f-ing awful all day yesterday after getting home from the doctor's office and running errands, so the sum total accomplishment for yesterday (other than the errands themselves) was to put in a new light bulb over the stove.

(I don't like the bulb they chose for the thing, and I'm thinking I might have to modify it--move the socket so that I can use better bulbs which are (as a bonus) easier to find. As it stands now I can find the bulbs I need at one store, and they cost too dang much for the life I get from them.)

Yesterday was, otherwise, pretty much a bust.

* * *

While semi-watching the Japanese channel, I saw a trailer for a TV series called Home which looks like it'll be pretty good. But good luck to me finding it subtitled, once it hits the airwaves....

It seems to be about a family from Toyko which has to move to the hinterlands because the father gets transferred--pretty standard stuff, you know, the basic "fish out of water" plot; but I've really enjoyed the few J-dramas that I've watched.

* * *

Light snow today. It seems as if it's either been snowing or melting a lot lately, not that I really mind. I like a winter where it snows a little bit every few days--not enough to cause trouble for travel or anything, but enough to keep things looking appropriately wintry. I get a lot less depressed over winter when the grass is invisible.

This stuff might be lake-effect; the wind is from the right direction and the radar shows the clouds are coming from the NE.

But it's not heavy snow, and it could snow like this all day and I wouldn't complain. Not even when I had to get the snowblower out around 8 PM to clear the driveway.

Still, I'm counting the days until I can ride my motorcycle again. I'm not sure when that's going to be, exactly, as it requires moderately warm temperatures (above 50) without rain or gale-force winds; also, it'd be nice if the streets weren't still covered in salt residue, as salt does nasty things to uncoated aluminum.

But it's March now, which means that it really is only a matter of time before I can ride the thing again--and believe me, I'm looking forward to it.

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