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#3780: You'd think a Supreme Court justice would be able to figure that out by himself.

"U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy...expressed concerns that the high court is increasingly the venue for deciding politically charged issues...."

The reason that is happening goes right to Roe v. Wade in 1974. These "politically-charged issues" get decided there because the left can't get what it wants through the regular legislative process. Abortion-as-contracpetion was illegal (and not likely to be legalized anytime soon) until Roe v. Wade was decided in the Supreme Court, despite many efforts by the left. The general populace simply did not want it, and their elected representatives knew it and routinely voted it down.

Justice Kennedy is right that these issues should be decided by the legislative branch, but the left doesn't care about the Constitution when it gets in their way.

* * *

These planes cost a lot of money and you're going to be flying them, so you'd better just shut up and fly them. The F-35 continues to impress everyone with its ever-growing list of craptastic design failures. This time, it's an enormous blind spot.

Armed forces: "Oh, it'll be fine; the pilots will adjust."


* * *

"...Illinois has become Ground Zero of blue model decline." Yeah. Illinois is boned.

* * *

Scrap metal thieves will take anything not nailed down. Even when the "scrap metal" is eight freakin' school buses.

The last time I went to the scrapyard, I happened to be there when some guy walked up to the loading dock (he did not drive into the yard) with a saxophone and a trumpet--bright and shiny, no cases, no accessories--and I had to wonder where the hell he'd gotten them from.


* * *

Yesterday I took a brief ride on the motorcycle, for the first time since December.

It was bright and sunny when I got home from running my errands, and above freezing; I opened the garage door to get at the trash can so I could clean some trash out of the Jeep and saw the bike there, looking all sparkly and two-wheeled, and thought, Why not?

She cranked over a bit slowly and it took a little bit to get her running, and she had to warm up for a good long time before I could goose the throttle without killing the engine--but man, it felt good to get the two-wheeler on the road, even just for a couple of trips around the block.

I'm looking forward to spring. Seems hard to believe it was ever warm outside--especially with the snow up to the bottom rail of the fence--but it was, and it will be again, and in a few months I'm going to find it hard to believe I ever needed a parka when I went outside.

* * *


Juan Williams, WTF. So he has his research assistant look some stuff up for him, and he takes the info given to him by his assistant and crams it into his column, verbatim.

Turns out the information was cribbed from a web site, and Juan therefore plagiarized it--but blames his assistant for it.


* * *

My stomach is empty. Time to fill it with something.

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