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#3781: It's actually above 40° outside

Barely--40.8--but I'll take it.

Mrs. Fungus' car has a leaky tire on it, and I think it's going to have to be replaced. I put a plug patch in the hole a couple of weeks ago, but it's steadily been getting worse; today it was almost flat despite the fact that I ran it up to 40 PSI yesterday.

So I pulled it off the car and redid the plug. WTF, it's not like they cost a lot, and I think I forgot to coat the last plug with "vulcanizing compound" (ie rubber cement) before inserting it. Besides that, it was barely warmer that day than it was today, and this stuff tends to be temperature-dependent. Anyway it wasn't leaking when I put it back on the car, so hopefully it can last one more day; then on Monday I'm going to go see about a new (or at least newer) tire that won't leak. This tire has just about had its day; I saw a single wire sticking through the rubber, and thought it was something stuck in the tread until I grabbed it with a pair of pliers and pulled on it; turns out it's a stray strand from the cording. The tire has worn asymmetrically--so that the outside edge is very worn, there's plenty of good tread in the middle, and the inside edge looks almost new--which means it needs an alignment.

There may be as much as 1/4" of rubber between the actual cording and the outside world, but this one stray strand is enough for me to say "Replace the mother," especially since the car has one of those tire pressure warning systems and you can't use Fix-a-Flat with it.

So, the car needs a 4-wheel alignment and an entire new set of tires, and it will get them soon; just not this month.

* * *

Borepatch says, "Science should show its work."

...I think that was demonstrated when Michael Mann's "hockey stick" turned out to be fraudulent. He refused to show his work, not wanting to give anyone copies of the source code that turned out that hockey stick BS.

Science is all about showing the work, about explaining and describing how you got your results in order that other people can try to replicate them. If all you do is provide results and then say, "You don't need to know how I got these results!" you are not engaging in science; you are engaging in chicanery.

Turns out the global temperature anomaly is the same today as it was in 1997, and the slope of the graph over that time period is zero. It goes up and down, but it stays in neither place.

* * *

Union thugs gonna be union thugs because that's what they've always been, and it's what they'll always do.

Intimidation and other thuggery is what unions do. Why be surprised?

* * *

Yesterday, Cadwallader finally hit 86th level. I've played very little WoW since getting married, especially compared to how much I played beforehand. Well, when my wife gets home from work, I'd rather spend time with her than playing WoW. What a surprise.

But old Caddy hit 86th and has maxed out mining; now I'm trying to get the last 10 points in Engineering to max that out. As a gnome, Caddy's max Engineering score is actually 615, but 600 is the highest score needed for the top-level recipes. Once I'm there, that's enough.

I was thinking, last night, that I really need a slodge character, a high-level toon with whom I can just abandon professions to help with whatever other toons need doing. For example, if I have a developing jewelcrafter I could get on Slodgeman, take mining, and have him run all over Azeroth mining materials for the jewelcrafter. "Damn, I'm 25th level and need a shitton of mithril--SLODGEMAN TO THE RESCUE!" Or if my low-level enchanter needs mats for that skill, Slodgeman runs into dungeons and kills everything and harvests the magic items so the enchanter can disenchant them.

I will think about this.

In the meantime, though, Cadwallader can now eradicate most 80th-level monsters in Northrend with a single spell. I've carefully ensured that all his equipment is high-level and I've stacked Intelligence and Stamina, and it seems to work very well.

The warlock class is fun and pretty simple to run. I suppose that's why my first max-level toon--Amaleni--was a warlock.

* * *

Three weeks until Easter. It's early this year, isn't it?

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