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#3782: Yeah, we needed a new tire.

Mrs. Fungus got to work Saturday afternoon and reported that her tire pressure sensor light went on around the time she arrived, so I tossed some tools in the Jeep and drove up there. When I got there, the tire was totally flat, so I put the spare on. That was enough to get her home safely, of course, but you can't use a donut spare ad infinitum and the tire was pretty much beyond repair (absent a bunch of supplies I don't have and cannot, apparently, find anywhere locally) so it was obvious we'd have to get another tire.

Today, then, I called around and found a used one, and managed to get that dealt with. The tire I bought cost me $45 with mounting and balancing (the tire alone was $10) and it looks like it's got a good 20,000 miles left in it. It certainly ought to last long enough for Mrs. Fungus and I to do some comparison shopping and find a good set of new tires for her car without breaking the bank.

As it is, Mrs. Fungus' car handles like a go kart. I can't wait to see how it handles when it has new tires and a properly-aligned suspension. Damn.

* * *

WW3 Watch:

Japan is arming the Philippines. With China making noises about seizing islands claimed by Japan--and let me note here that I believe Japan has a solid claim to them--Japan is trying to make things harder for China.

I'm going to say again that I'm on Japan's side in this. China's a huge communist thugocracy, where Japan has been a free country since 1945.


Son of Gargoyle has scrapped the armistice that's kept the peace between North and South Korea since the 1950s. It'd be foolish to discount the possibility that China is behind this, considering that all communists are "fellow travelers" and they hang least until it's time to decide who will be the top commie, at which point they turn on each other like rabid dogs. (Ask Trotsky how that works.)


Was it actually space junk, or an ASAT test? Somehow if it were a Chinese anti-satellite weapon test I don't think we'd hear the truth of the matter.

* * *

NYC spends $20,000 per student per year on public education and the educational system is a complete disaster.

Socialized education is fail.

* * *

The police decided to no-knock people because they were legal gun owners.
{The man of the house] was actually on a hunting trip at the time. When he learned of the raid on his family, the same man police thought was so dangerous that they had to send a SWAT team to his home late at night walked into the police station, explained the situation, and provided documentation that the person depicted in the photo was a 35-year-old Filipino woman.
Police thought he was a child pornographer. Yeah, they didn't actually verify that he was such before no-knocking his house, nor did they have any real evidence that he was a child molestor, but The Crime Was Serious Enough that it demanded a midnight SWAT raid on his home. Yeah.

...when he wasn't even home. Marvy.


* * *

When Katrina turned New Orleans into a disaster zone, it was All George W. Bush's Fault. A hurricane causes widespread devastation on the east coast, and Obama's not even questioned about it. FEMA is changing the flood maps and causing lots of trouble for home and business owners in New Jersey, but that's perfectly fine because of the little (D) in office right now.

* * *

In good Marxist fashion, our government is crushing the middle class. Taxation and regulation, just as Marx himself said to do.

The problem that the government has with the middle class is that they don't need government--they're the people who want and need it the least. The poor need handouts and the rich need special tax breaks, but the middle class need (and want) only to be left alone. But since the middle class is the largest of the three classes, the government must bring them to heel lest it find itself marginalized.

Besides, the middle class is upwardly-mobile, most of the time. Plenty of the middle class is composed of people who are trying to become rich, and have a good chance at doing so--and while the rich need government help they do not need it nearly as much as the poor do...and we can't have just anyone getting rich, either! Why, they might donate to the wrong causes!

Whereas the poor are much more easily managed: all you have to do is threaten to cut off an individual's food, shelter, and health care, and he'll fall in line. Otherwise he becomes a criminal and you can manage him that way.

* * *

When I was 8 years old I routinely went all over creation, unsupervised. You cannot let your kids do that any more because the Gestapo will get you if you do.

We were, however, born free.

* * *

The latest version of SimCity is a single-player game but it requires a persistent Internet connection to play. This copy protection thing has gone too damned far.
The game, by its very design, is hideously broken, and like Diablo III before it, it has only served to scream a complete disregard for sense and a massive disregard for customers. So what we mustn’t do now is say, “Well, teething problems.”

These aren’t teething problems. These are continuous deep-running flaws designed to cripple the game for you as a player, simply to serve some nebulous notion of protecting the game against piracy.
I agree.

Further, game companies used to be able to write games which offered an on-line option without requiring it. They claim the new on-line-only formats are to "enhance the user experience" but one's experience is not enhanced when he buys the game on release day but cannot play it for 48 hours afterwards--and may only play it whenever Electronic Arts decides that he may.

But since I have no interest in the game, I guess it's a moot point for me.

It's not a moot point when it comes to D3; I would not have bought that game. I only got it because I told Blizzard that I was going to continue to play World of Warcraft; absent that promotion, I would not have bothered with D3.

* * *

Well, I need to go make dinner. Both I and Mrs. Fungus are hungry.

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