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#3783: Funny observations from reality TV

Mrs. Fungus likes The Celebrity Apprentice so we've been watching it Sunday evenings.

...Dee Snyder was (is?) the lead singer for Twisted Sister, and this week he was wearing a shirt that I never did get a good look at the front of. It looked like it said "Dee Snyder" in big gothic letters, arranged in a semicircle that stretched from shoulder to shoulder, but since there was never a good angle on it, I couldn't really tell for sure.

The back, however--across the top of the back of the shirt it said, in plain letters, "WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT".


I have to take their word for it that some of these people are celebrities. Not being at all interested in celebrity culture (if that's the term) I wouldn't know half these morons from Adam or Eve.

At least the show is ripe for wisecracks. Besides that, Gary Busey is in the show, and he's so cracked that he provides plenty of entertainment.

* * *

Gun control!

The Democrats want total confiscation of all firearms, and don't you forget it.


Democrat-run Colorado state government is pressuring sheriffs to endorse gun control measures.


New Jersey woman has her guns confiscated after attempting to read the Constitution aloud at a town meeting. She was arrested for "terroristic threats" and her guns were confiscated because she (as an Orthodox Jew) complained about reassessment procedures taking place when her husband wasn't home.

* * *

Environmental news:

Those liberals who admire China and its way of doing things apparently don't know about this. As in Soviet Russia, the government can do whatever it wants to the environment and the citizens have absolutely no voice in it whatsoever.

"The environment ministry recently denied an attorney’s request for soil pollution data because that data was a 'state secret.'"

In the USSR, the Chernobyl reactors were graphite moderated reactors with a positive void coefficient and housed in a freaking shed. When one was deliberately mis-operated and went kerblooie, there was nothing to contain the release of radioactivity. And the USSR waited to tell anyone about it was a state secret. And didn't admit anything was wrong until free countries noticed the precipitous rise in background radiation--because it would have made the USSR look bad if they'd admitted it up front.

That's why China's soil pollution data is a "state secret"; it would make them look bad. And, really, when you have 1.1 billion proles, you can afford to lose 700,000 per year to environmental contamination, right? Like Stalin said, it's just a statistic.


Speaking of nuclear disasters, it turns out that Fukushima wasn't nearly as bad as the fearmongers would have had us believe. From the get-go I (like a bunch of other people who actually know science) said that Fukushima was a demonstration of how safe nuclear power actually is.

This article proceeds from the (incorrect) notion that any exposure to radioactivity is harmful and it nonetheless concludes that the risk of radiation-related illness for those living near the plants has been increased by such a negligible amount it will be lost in the statstical noise.


Global warming/cooling/climate change/whatever. Sounds like we're about to switch to a cooling cycle, which means the global warming crowd is going to have to shift gears and start crowing about how pollution is causing global cooling and we must stop our civilization dead if we wish Earth to remain habitable.

When the environmental movement switches back to "pollution is causing global cooling" (which is where they were in the late 1970s) I am not going to hold my breath waiting for the press to ask them, "Wait--it was global warming a few years ago, but now it's cooling??"

That's why the climatologists are all saying "catastrophic climate change" now rather than "global warming"--it's much less specific and encompasses all climate conditions, warming or cooling.

At least these guys are taking the prime mover of global temperature into account, the factor which--if removed--would result in a global temperature of -473°F: the freakin' SUN.

Climate "science" right now assumes a single invariant number for solar insolation at Earth's surface; they don't even modify it for planetary albedo, which changes depending on things like cloud cover and surface reflectivity. (Hint: plants absorb a different amount of light than snow does.) Climate "science" does this because we can't have any effect on solar output; all the pollution controls in the world will quite literally do nothing to change what the sun is doing. If global climate is driven by the sun, there's no excuse to pass laws that force people to live like dogs and freeze in the dark.

Mann's hockey stick (and other climatological chicanery) has had to eliminate or minimize the Medieval Warm Period because it demonstrated that CO2 is not the primary driver of warming, which is central to the entire thrust of AGW theory in the first place. (AGW=Anthropogenic Global Warming. It bugs the crap out of me when people use acronyms and don't define them, so I have to search and search to learn what it means. As a technical writer I was trained to define all acronyms at the time of first use; it's a good practice.)

Environmentalists are watermelons: green on the outside, but red on the inside.

Borepatch has another excellent post up on the subject.

* * *

Manstream media says all white people are racist, except for them, of course. Meanwhile, take a look at how many "people of color" are Important Journalists in NYC and DC.

An excellent quote:
...[T]he greatest single cause of evil is people perceiving of themselves or their group as victims....

Family members whose primary identity is that of victim usually feel entirely free to hurt others in the family. That is why psychotherapists who regularly reinforce the victim status of their patients do the patient and society great harm.
I know someone who perpetually casts himself as the victim, who claims that he's always super-nice to everyone and he is always being victimized. The above quote is 100% correct; when you think you're a perpetual victim you can rationalize all kinds of aberrant behavior.

It's to the point now that people who used to like him are afraid of what he'll do.

* * *

And now for the "Government Overspending" segment!

Spending will not be cut, nor will there be a government shutdown. The whopping huge $85 billion cut to federal spending for 2013 mandated by the sequester will be it, end of list.

As DrewM puts it:
So for all the drama and cliffs, what we basically got was $85 billion in cuts this year in exchange for a $1 trillion hike in the debt ceiling back in 2011. Yes, the sequestration cuts are suppose to be continued into the out years....
But the sequestration cuts will not be continued, and no one will insist that they be continued. No one.


The GOP will not stand against spending. Why would they? Why should they? Spending money is how Congress gets its power, and no one is going to volunteer to have his power reduced.


Karl Denninger discusses Ryan's budget and explains how it's not going to fix anything. I agree; and his most dire prediction is spot on:
Within approximately two years Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest payments will consume all tax receipts. At some point before that happens the markets are nearly-certain to deduce that we are not serious about attending to the budgetary imbalance as we're then borrowing to pay the light bill in the Capitol, say much less anything important like Defense.

When, not if, that recognition occurs there is literally nothing that The Fed or the Government will be able to do about the ensuing flight from assets in this country, as the only remaining step available to the government to fund this escalation of spending will be outright confiscation of some form.
I think Denninger's assumption for this prediction is that there is no market crash or other severe event that changes the game. If the economy goes severely negative we won't even have those two years before this happens.

His penultimate sentence, however, demonstrates that he considered this: "...I am forced to recommend that you prepare for the worst."

The next thing on the table will almost have to be the government seizing control of retirement accounts. As I've said numerous times, private retirement holdings represent an enormous pool of money, and the government has no qualms about spending money and leaving drawers full of IOUs--that's what has happened with the Social Security "trust fund"--and the formerly private retirement holdings will be no exception. (I think, in fact, that's the "outright confiscation" Denninger is referring to.) It will buy the feds some time, but not much. A few more years, perhaps. And when that's done, what then? What else will the government take from us in order to feed the Entitlement Machine for a little while longer? What freedoms will we lose in the process?


Illinois is boned. The headline of the piece reads, "Even the Federal Government Is Demanding Pension Reform in Illinois".

The article concludes:
The agreement between the SEC and the State of Illinois to settle the charges appears to be to, um, stop breaking these rules. Well, it’s not like fining them was going to do any good.
Yeah, that always works. "Stop breaking these rules because we said so!"

Considering Illinois can't even pay its lottery winners on time, it's not hard to understand why fining the state wouldn't do any good.

Boned. Totally boned.

* * *

With my entire skeleton aching, I fell asleep trying to watch TV, so I went to bed. When I got up, all the pain in my skeleton had concentrated itself in my skull. *sigh*

...outside, the grass was white again, and visibility was below a quarter-mile as huge fluffy flakes of snow fell from the sky. It was a squall and didn't last, but the ground remains covered at least until tomorrow when the temperature is supposed to rise above freezing again.

* * *

On my way home yesterday from dropping off the tire for Mrs. Fungus' car, I stopped and got a pizza from Little Caesar's. It's one of their 3-meat pizzas, cost a total of $8.50, and to be honest it really isn't that bad. I've had worse.

Of course, I had to wait for it, which means it was completely fresh; that may have had something to do with it. Still, not bad for under $9.

The new tire was mounted and ready in jig time, and if I'd thought to drive Mrs. Fungus' car over there they would have put it on for me, free of charge. Well, I suppose I needed the exercise, anyway.

* * *

This was my life in the 1970s. Or maybe not quite as bad as this, but still:
Imagine our shock when in our first first grade conference, the teacher informed us that Robert was learning disabled and would probably never learn to read and write. This was particularly surprising since one of her pieces of evidence was a worksheet that consisted of 1+0, 2+0 etc. across the top of which Robert had written in properly spelled words “this is stupid and boring. A number plus zero always equals the number.”
The fact is, public schools are not there to teach kids to read and write. If they manage to do so despite the school's best efforts, that is a bonus, but it's not what they're for. No, they are there to indoctrinate kids to do as they're told by government employees.

Robert could have gotten 100% on that test by dutifully writing the correct answers on it, but because he bucked the system and said "the emperor has no clothes", his teacher wanted to classify him as learning disabled, and the school system was ready to force his parents at gunpoint (not-quite literally) into letting them do just that: they were going to sick the Department of Human Services on them.

* * *

When I tried to start running last year the major impediment to doing so for me was the fact that my calves hurt so much. After the second or third day I could barely walk, much less run. I do still need to find a way to deal with that....

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