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#3784: That was quite amusing, too.

Mrs. Fungus is a big fan of Gordon F-in' Ramsay, so we watched Hell's Kitchen last night. Fortuitously, it had been recorded by the DVR because a couple of my wisecracks reduced her to hysterics.

The youngest chef on the show, Jeremy, said he was "nervous" right after the contestants got onto the little tram/trolley thing that took them into the theater, and so I quipped--in a robot voice, for no apparent reason--"I'm afraid of buses!" (At this point neither contestants nor TV audience knew they were seconds away from the beginning of the contest.) of course, later, when the men had to ride a school bus back to LA from LV, I made fun of Jeremy having to ride A BUS!!! for eight hours.

But the best part was when Gina brought out her stupid puppet and the black woman with the massive mammary glands--each individually larger than her head, which I thought was only possible in certain Japanese cartoons--said, "Bitch, why you bring a puppet to Hell's Kitchen?"

All I did was repeat what she said, and Mrs. Fungus lost it so badly I had to pause playback.

After that, we watched Life of Pi, which was a pretty fair dinkum movie.

* * *

This article doesn't say what party affiliation the ex-mayor of Detroit is, but I think it's pretty obvious that he's a Democrat. Three reasons:

1) He's black, and if he were Republican that would be pointed out.

2) He's a convicted criminal, and if he were Republican that would be pointed out.

3) Detroit has traditionally been a hard blue city, and there's no reason to think they suddenly elected a black Republican mayor.

...I had to go to Wikipedia to confirm his party affiliation, but he's a Democrat.

Big surprise.

* * *

This will last until the federal government outlaws it. I like the way this doctor does things, and if I could find a doctor around here who worked in similar fashion I'd switch to his practice in a heartbeat.

As it is, however, my doctor gives a nice discount for cash payment as long as his office doesn't have to process any paperwork. My last visit was $55; prior to that when I had some blood work done--including a cholesterol panel--it was under $80. It would have been much more if I'd insisted on submitting insurance information, of course.

One of the major features of Hillarycare in 1994 was the total ban on cash payment for medical services. Obamacare doesn't include that yet, but it will. Just give them time.

As it is, there is simply no need for health care to cost as much as it does--and the only thing necessary to lower the cost of health care is to get government the hell out of it.

I'm not going to hold my breath, though.

* * *

No, this is impossible; everyone knows black people aren't racist because they're oppressed. Black woman calls a black boy "little chocolate boy" and gets suspended without pay.

This is progress: if a term is racist, it's racist when anyone uses it.

* * *

Missing from this article is the time frame. Washington, D.C. is fond of laying out ten-year plans, so instead of saying, "We're going to cut $100 billion per year and raise taxes by $100 billion per year," they say, "We're cutting spending by two trillion dollars!"

But the article does say:
[This plan] uses tax increases and other spending cuts to stop the $1.2 trillion sequester that kicked in on March 1, according to those who have seen the plan.
Since the sequester has cut exactly $85 billion out of a $1,200 billion budget deficit, I think it's safe to say the plan mentioned in this article extends over at least ten years.

The entire thing is smoke and mirrors, because what one Congress does is not legally binding on future Congresses. Any deficit reduction plan that binds Congress can, at most, be effective for only two years--and then the next Congress can simply pass a law that repeals the prior one. (Especially if the President is amenable to the repeal.)

The whole thing is a ploy simply to raise taxes: "Look, we're going to cut spending, but we need to raise taxes too!" And what inevitably happens? We get the tax increases but the cuts never, never, ever happen.

* * *

Very important work. SpaceX is developing a spacecraft which can take off, hover, and land. They're doing it the right way: build something, test it, redesign, build, test again. This is slow, but you end up with the best possible vehicle that way.

* * *

Welcome to Pope Francis I. Third new Pope in my lifetime, as far as I know. I don't know--how long did John Paul I reign? (Do Popes reign? What do they do?)

...whoops. Fourth. John Paul I reigned for a bit over a month in 1978, then John Paul II was elevated.

Well, that shows how much I know about papal history.

* * *

I noticed yesterday that the daffodils are beginning to sprout already. I wonder what they know that I don't?

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