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#3785: "I hope it brings you back to life."

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones know that Bran, having fallen from a great height, is in a coma for a few episodes. While he is in that coma his mother, Catelyn Stark, sits by his bed, assembling...something...from sticks, twigs, cloth, etcetera.

When Catelyn must leave him, she hangs this melange of stuff near the unconscious child's bed.

Mrs. Fungus: "Here, have this garbage I put together."

Me: "I hope it brings you back to life."

...I had forgotten this, until last night. Mrs. Fungus and I were watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents, dutifully recorded by the DVR. The episode? "The Mink Stole". There's a scene where the main character of the show is sitting at a mirror in a powder room, checking her makeup, and another woman is sitting next to her looking at her and her mink stole.

Mrs. Fungus: Look at how she's looking at her! "I want your dead animal!"

Me: "Give me all your dead animals!"


Mrs. Fungus then proceeded to remind me of the first exchange, the one during GoT, and then we started laughing so hard I had to crawl out of the room, and my stomach hurt for the rest of the night.

This didn't happen in a vacuum, though; our senses of humor had been primed by the whole mention of Hell's Kitchen in yesterday's blog post: "Bitch, why you bring a puppet to Hell's Kitchen?" Mrs. Fungus wanted me to do the line in the voice of Chef's father (from South Park) so I ended up saying:
Bitch, why you bring a puppet to Hell's Kitchen? You can't bring no puppet to Hell's Kitchen! Now Chef Ramsay's gonna make everyone bring a puppet!
Then I switched to my Gordon Ramsay voice, and said, "Where's your fookin' puppet? [pause] Get out!" fact I'd wager most of this falls under the "You had to be there" category, but damn.

* * *

The whole "[pause] Get out!" thing refers to something in the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen, where one of the contestants asks Chef Ramsay a complicated question.

Contestant: "Is this for the beef wellingtons that came back and the beef wellingtons and the chicken that are going out, or a new chicken and beef wellington?"

Ramsay: [pause] "Get out!"

This was even in the previews for the show, it was so funny.

* * *

Yes, that whole "white privelege" thing has worked out so very well for me. Here I sit, unemployed.

Gadzooks this anti-white discrimination shit has to stop.

* * *

Yes, Obamacare is going to force health insurance costs to necessarily skyrocket, and we on the right predicted this. We predicted it, and everyone on the left rolled their eyes and said we were racist sexist bigoted homophobes who only opposed the scheme because Obama is black.

...only now, of course, health insurance prices are skyrocketing because Obamacare mandates so much bullshit. Incidentally, you can add compliance costs to that; so far Obamacare has resulted in twenty thousand pages of new regulations and HHS isn't even close to being finished.

"Some Americans could see their insurance bills double next year as [OBAMACARE] expands coverage to millions of people." Notice how they very carefully avoid blaming Obama or the Democrats for it? They don't mention Obama's name until the sixth paragraph.

So now people have to pay for insurance they don't want and won't use:
Vikki Swanson, 49, of Newport Beach, Calif., resents that the added benefit may lead to higher costs for her. "I had a hysterectomy, I have no need for maternity coverage, but I have to now pay for it," she said.
I think that's why my premium doubled in the last quarter of last year; Obamacare mandates that all health insurance includes psychiatric care whether the insured wants it or not, and my stay in the nuthatch triggered flags indicating a statistically elevated chance that I'll need psychiatric services in the future.

That's the hell of it. It used to be that you could buy insurance tailored for your needs so that you didn't have to pay for insurance you weren't likely to use. Unfortunately, since the Democrats believe they know better what I need than I do, I no longer have the option of excluding psychiatric care. And I must subsidize prenatal care in the bargain.

It's kind of like government forcing you to buy full-coverage car insurance, regardless of what kind of car you have and how old it is.

* * *

Turn off Java. That's what I do to keep my system from getting infected with all kinds of malware. Just turn the shit off.

...and I correctly identified the ads as the problem quite some time ago--the last time I had to go on a Trojan hunt, in fact. If the ad server is compromised, any site that serves ads is compromised, and there's no way to prevent that.

* * *

Journalists don't mind writing misleading headlines if it helps the liberal narrative.

* * *

So let's have a look at TEH DOOM, 80% of which comes straight from the blog of Karl Denninger:

The Producer Price Index doesn't look bad yet, but Denninger says that if it shapes up into a trend, it could be.

Deferred maintenance. Ah, yes, deferred maintenance--that was the watchword for late 2001 when I lost my cushy technical writing job in the airline service industry. The airlines were in bankrupcy and they were deferring maintenance which meant they weren't spending money on manuals or aircraft service...yeah. *sigh*

The question then becomes why Carnival Cruise Lines is deferring maintenance? If you're smart, you only do that when you have monetary troubles--like the airlines in 2001--and not when business is good.

If you're a psycho asshole who cares only about his stock options, then sure, why not? But only if you're planning to get out ASAP, before the cows come home to roost. (Deliberately mixed metaphor.)


The accumulation of public debt is strangling our economy. As always, emphasis removed:
The economic reality is that debt accumulation eventually strangles growth. Debt requires servicing, which consumes funds you would otherwise spend on investment and consumption. As that service rises as a percentage of your income your ability to drive economic expansion dwindles until it reaches the point that additional debt actually makes the economy worse rather than better.

We're there folks. We crossed over.
And we've actually been there for a couple-three years now. I forget when it happened, exactly, but I do recall writing a bit in a blog post about how we'd reached the point where the issue of new debt was now destroying an equal amount of GDP.

There is simply no way for us to avoid the unpleasant reality, yet our government persists in doing everything wrong.


Denninger continues on that theme here, comparing or federal overspending to Oz the Great and Powerful, in that, "The Wizard is really a tiny little man standing behind a curtain pulling levers, using a big PA system to amplify his puny voice and blowing lots of smoke."


Vox Day, in the meantime, explains that this nonsense is not confined to the US, but extends all over the world.
What you should understand is that everything that has happened since 2008 related in any way to the financial crisis is a lie. Absolutely everything. It begins with the banks, but it doesn't end there, the mainstream media and the government are in collusion with them to hide how bad the global situation is and how criminally corrupt the behavior of the banks and their enablers was that created this ongoing debacle[.]
And after a large blockquote, he concludes:
It's all a sham. All of it. The only thing of which you can be sure is that the various statistics are being portrayed in the best possible light. Which, in and of itself, is rather grim considering what the reported statistics indicate.
I absolutely agree with this. All you need do to prove his assertion is to look at the gaming of the unemployment statistics in the US.


And that's pretty much what it is. We're boned.

* * *

Jerry Pournelle often discusses China's exploration of the world, centuries ago.

It really happened. And then something happened that made them all go home and burn the ships. God knows what--but there's plenty of stuff left over from that time, including a map showing a lack of ice above the arctic circle.

* * *

They finally got around to showing the ep of Wheeler Dealers where Mike and Edd get a Porsche 914...and of course that is the one ep which has tiling issues.

You know, where the screen breaks up into digital noise and looks all weird--the ep I've been wanting to see because the Porsche 914 uses about the same mechanicals as the VW 412 I had in 1989. *sigh*

I suppose it'll be on again...someday.

* * *


...liberal bedwetters gonna wet the bed.

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