atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3788: Making the corned beef and cabbage again

It's on the stove, and in about 15-20 minutes Mrs. Fungus and I will be tucking in.

I didn't wear green today. I've never cared for that particular custom anyway.

On the plus side, I heard a robin singing while I was cleaning out the vacuum cleaner. Spring is on its way!

* * *

WORM is talking about Japan's constitution and Article 9.

* * *

There's a lot going on with Cyprus and the whole "we're confiscating 10% of your savings, bitches!" thing. The interesting part is that the Cypriot parliament is delaying the vote to confirm the action. I have to wonder what Cypriot rope futures are like right now....

* * *

Speaking of the vacuum cleaner, Mrs. Fungus and I vacuumed another cat out of our rugs today. *sigh*

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