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#3796: Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Solar cells that dissolve in water. They're recyclable!

...they're also 2.7% efficient, meaning that for every square meter of Earth's surface you cover, you get exactly...27 watts of electricity. Out of 1,000 watts. Yeah. And only when the Sun is shining, by the way.

The US uses 3,886,400,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year. A square kilometer of this extra-green solar cells will generate 27 megawatts times (say) eight hours per day equals 216 megawatt-hours per day. At that rate, it will generate 78,840 megawatt-hours per year.

So: dividing 3,886,400,000 by 78,840 yields 49,295 square kilometers which must be covered with solar cells in order to supply enough electricity to power the US. Also figure there will be additional land area needed to house the storage systems for powering the grid at night, which means "conversion losses", which means adding (PDOOMA) another 50% to the solar cell area just to ensure we make up for that, and weather conditions, and-and-and.

So, okay: first, we move everyone out of Arizona....

* * *

The IRS used a Star Trek spoof in a training video, and spent $60,000 to make it. William Shatner isn't the only person who's appalled by it. I just have to wonder if Shatner is keeping tabs on what his former co-star George Takei is up to.

See, a few weeks ago Mrs. Fungus and I went to the SS office to get her name changed on her SS card. We waited for nearly two hours to speak to an agent for five minutes--that's all the time the actual task took, once we were done waiting--and during that time we endured several repetitions of this ludicrous informational video on the SS office's closed-circuit TV in the waiting area.

The stupid thing starred George Takei and some unknown woman, wearing clothes evocative of Starfleet uniforms (but not close enough to violate copyright) talking about going on-line to handle basic SS-related tasks. Like all such spoofs/parodies, it was FUCKIN' ABYSMAL, having been written by someone who knew nothing about Star Trek other than the names of a few of the characters and the basic general premise of the show. ("They're on a space ship, right? And they visit other planets in the solar system. 'Beam me in, Scotty!' It'll be great!") The whole thing just made me cringe. Fortunately the sound was off, so as long as I didn't look at it I could pretend it didn't exist.

...I've no doubt that the IRS video was just as awful, if not worse.

Related: about a thousand years ago I saw--on some Christian channel--a Star Trek: The Next Generation parody which was full of Proper Christian Values. They were going to "planet Ninevahintendo", at which point I finally got unstuck from my horror long enough to change the channel. That was like 1988 and the mere thought of what I saw that day still makes me cringe.

* * *

I would argue this is a wise move to protect yourself from the legal liabilities imposed by Colorado's stupid new gun laws.

Colorado's new laws make a hash of things, particularly since technically one must submit a background check when merely handing a magazine to another person for loading.

Who wants to open himself to a felony gun charge because he handed his gun to a fellow hunter for a moment? I think it's wiser for everyone with a gun-related hobby to stay the hell out of Colorado until they repeal that stupid law.

* * *

Hockey Stick re-proven by science! Borepatch explains what happened:
This paper took some proxies that showed rapidly increasing warming a thousand years ago - during the Medieval Warm Period - and redated them so that they show rapid warming now. They arbitrarily added 1000 years to each data point, showing ZOMG industrial Thermageddon caused by burning carbon in today's factories when in reality the carbon would have been burned by monks in the day of William the Conqueror.

Let me say that again: this article shifted a number of warming proxy series by 1000 years to show that (a) the Medieval Warm Period didn't actually exist and (b) today it's ZOMGTHERMAGEDDON!
Yes, it's the same story about the ocean core samples being re-dated in order to prove the anthropogenic global warming crowd's desired thesis.


Borepatch says it best:
At this point, every Progressive who ever said the words "Republican war on science" can just STFU and sit down in the back of the room. Grown ups are talking.
No kidding. Shit.

* * *

The Clinton News Network says, "We don't have a liberal bias! We don't!"

...except they do, and everyone knows it.

* * *

Here's what we have to look forward to as the economic catastrophe comes to a head. None of it's good.

Right now the government is fudging the numbers to make things look better than they actually are. And the press is completely incurious about it.

* * *

It's supposed to be near 50 this weekend. I might actually get to ride the motorcycle farther than around the block. That would be nice.

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