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#3798: Welcome to the world of unintended consequences.

Colorado is starting to wonder how much economic impact they can expect from the hunting boycott. Naturally, the Colorado Democrats are confident there won't be any serious backlash because their intentions are good.
[Governor] Hickenlooper released a “signing statement” last week that says the magazine-limit law will be “interpreted and applied narrowly,” but many gun owners aren’t buying it.

“[Colorado] is now issuing statements, like, ‘No, really, hunters, we won’t arrest you. We’re not going to arrest you, unless we do,’” [executive producer of the Outdoor Channel, Michael] Bane said. “No matter what division of parks and wildlife says, those murky areas they refer to can cost you everything you ever wanted and all your rights for owning firearms forever and ever and ever. It’s not worth the risk.”
That's right: If you get arrested for felony gun possession under Colorado's laws, you end up losing your right to self defense in every state. Felony is felony is felony, no matter how ludicrous the law may be, and the Colorado law is full of murky spots and grey areas that can cost you dearly if you run afoul of it.

A law which is open to interpretation at the enforcement level is nothing more than totalitarianism disguised, and everyone who hunts or enjoys firearms is wise to stay the hell out of that state and spend no money there as long as it persists in its tyranny.

* * *

Print media are seeing their ad income wane. Borepatch says:
Gee, I wonder why? We used to get both the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Then I figured out that I wasn't paying for news, I was paying for lefty slanted political indoctrination. And sudoku.
Mom always got the Chicago Sun-Times. She'd read the paper every morning but she'd spend more time on the crossword puzzles, and after she died I let the subscription lapse.

I wasn't reading the stupid thing but for the comics and I can see those on-line for free, so why subsidize a leftist outfit?

* * *

"Come and Mourn With Me Awhile" and "Calvary" are the two songs we'll be singing tomorrow night in church. If you want concentrated depression, those are the songs to sit in choir practice and sing over and over again until everyone knows them for three fuckin' weeks.

This evening, then, I finally got my mind right about them: it's a Lenten sacrifice for me to sing these songs to the best of my ability even though I cannot stand them (and will have the chorus for "Calvary" going through my head until June). WTF, Jesus died on the cross for my sins; the least I can do is sing a song about it.

...but a handful of antidepressants would be welcome right about now.

* * *

Last night, I made bratwurst baked in saurkraut for Mrs. Fungus and I, and after two bites Mrs. Fungus decided she doesn't like bratwurst. She did enjoy the au gratin potatoes, so I got that much going for me.

Well, it's the first time in three months of marriage that I've made anything that she absolutely did not like, and now I know for the future not to make it.

I have one package of brats left in the freezer. Baked brats are less than optimal; they're much better when grilled, so my plan is to grill those, and to see how we do...but when I grill those brats I'll also be grilling some burgers, just in case.

* * *

Cadwallader hit 89th level yesterday. In the old days, before I was married, I could have knocked out even a high level like 89th in an afternoon; but now I find myself spending more time with my wife and less time at the computer.

Anyway, it's only a matter of time before he hits 90th, I suppose. I'm in no hurry.

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