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#380: Major refrigerator moment

In Okusama wa Joshikousei, Asami and "danna-sama" have to keep their marriage a secret, because he's a teacher at her school and student-teacher romances are forbidden. why doesn't she change schools?

They don't seem to be living in some remote part of Japan, in a town with only one high school; they seem to live in a "city-fied" part. And it's set in Japan, where there is plenty of comeptition within the educational system for students; it stands to reason that there must be more than one high school within reasonable distance of their connubial home, so why doesn't she just change schools?

There is a simple explanation, though.

The instant she changes schools, guess what? The entire firkin' series goes away.

As for internal justifications....

It may be that her school is the best in the area. It may be that there is some other benefit to staying there which we haven't been told about (such as it being an escalator school, for instance). Or maybe it's a public school and they can't afford to send her to a private school on a teacher's salary. There are all kinds of reasons.

But we haven't been given any of them. And so I am left wondering why she can't just change schools? The issue with the female teacher would just go away and they could stop hiding their marriage: "Hey, bitch, guess what? He'll never date you because he's already married to me!" That would do nicely for that teacher's "I won't lose to a little girl" attitude. (Besides--"little girl"? Asami has much the same proportions as that teacher does. And her husband clearly likes 'em young, else he would not have married a high school girl. The female teacher has lost, regardless.)

The issue with the neighbor kid keeps grating on me, too. The kid pops up with a cheery, "Good evening!" And my immediate response was to say, "Get the fuck out of my house, you little shit!" And I'd throw his ass out. The animation briefly cut to an outside shot of the house and for the barest moment I hoped I was going to see the little asshat fly across the screen--but it's not that kind of show, so naturally I was disappointed.

Given that the kid ended up staying overnight, then, my next step would be to go see his mother the next morning: "My house is not your emergency babysitting service. If you have to work late, it's not my problem."

There are not many episodes left of this series. I'm hoping to see some of these issues corrected before the end, but in all likelihood it'll just be yet another "running ending", the kind that has become all too common for the anime industry.

They make the anime at the height of the manga's popularity; this makes it easy to secure funding to make the show. But since the story has not been resolved, the animators are given a basic choice and usually that choice involves resolving a short-term plot arc but not the major conflicts of the story. (Except when Gainax does it. They take the story, crap all over it, and present it to the viewer on a plate with a side of garlic bread. Oh wait, is my cynicism and derision for the ending of Mahoromatic showing? And it wasn't even the actual end of the anime series....)

Few series have the support to make it all the way through. (Inu Yasha is about 160 episodes long, now. Jesus!) Many of the more popular manga series can be animated as half-season (or full season) series and make plenty of money, but they don't end up doing squat with the story and the viewer is left hanging.

Well, without profit, the stuff doesn't get made, so I'll take it. And I would rather be left hanging than watch another Gainax train wreck.

But I would love to see that little crapface get his ass kicked, just once.

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