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#3801: There's no 2nd Amendment in Cyprus.

Which is why the politicians can get away with this. Or, rather, they think they can.

The banks are in trouble, yet they're forgiving some or all the debts of politicians and large corporations, even while the Cypriot government is taking up to 80% of deposits over 100,000 euros.

The modern breakdown of rule of law can only go so far before the people will rise up; and when they do, all the police in the world won't be enough to stop them and the inevitable "necktie parties" that will result.

Once a government starts doing that kind of stuff, it loses its legitimacy, and if it loses enough the people will riot. Then it's civil war, and the government can only retain control through tyranny.

* * *

Meanwhile, the press is trying the race card with regards to gun control but as is the case with other facets of the issue, the facts are simply not on their side.

Andy at AoSHQ blockquotes this:
Imagine if African American men and boys were committing mass shootings month after month, year after year. Articles and interviews would flood the media, and we’d have political debates demanding that African Americans be “held accountable.” Then, if an atrocity such as the Newtown, Conn., shootings took place and African American male leaders held a news conference to offer solutions, their credibility would be questionable. The public would tell these leaders that they need to focus on problems in their own culture and communities.
...and points out that the writer of this either ignores, or is ignorant of, the actual real shooting statistics for blacks in America.

Andy then goes on to talk about Chicago, which is the poster child for the Democrat gun control ideal...where literal hundreds of young black men die every year from gun violence, in spite of draconian gun control laws. He then broadens the discussion by comparing the black homicide rate to varying grades for gun control laws from the Brady Foundation, and we discover--surprise, surprise!--that more gun control equals more violent crime.

Why, it's almost as if those criminals didn't care about the law, or something.

* * *

Michael Flynn does a bang-up job of comparing physical equations and finding the common theme in them, and I liked reading that piece solely because of that.

* * *

It's just about as warm today as it was yesterday.

So yesterday I got out the motorcycle, checked the oil, pumped up the tires (they were both very low after sitting in the garage since the first weekend of December) and got her going. I rode for about twenty minutes--not a long ride, but fun--and ended up at home wondering what else I should do with the nice day.

I inspected the motorcycle and concluded (again) that I really need to replace the valve cover gasket; then I just leaned back against the Jeep and sat in the sun for a little while.

Finally I remembered that I still had to install the trailer wiring kit I bought in early December, so I dug it out and put it in. There were no surprises and it could only plug into one place.

Then I set about replacing the turn signal bulb that popped on my way home from choir practice Wednesday night. I got the taillight off and then tried to find the 1157 spare bulb I have knocking around the garage, but couldn't, so I got back on the bike and went to Advance Auto for $6 worth of spares. Two bulbs in a blister pack--I can remember when something like that was a buck fifty, but there's no inflation.

Got home, put the new bulb in, tested fine; reassembled and put everything away, including the motorcycle.

...looked at the Escort taillights sitting on the MGB, realized that the bulbs were still in them, and that I could have borrowed an 1157 from one of them. *whimper*

The next little thing for me to handle on the Jeep is to figure out why the hazard flasher doesn't work right. You turn it on and it doesn't work until you actuate the turn signal lever: turn on the left signal and the left side will remain blinking when you turn it off--and the right will do the same--but just switching on the hazard without doing that will result in no blinkenlights. Probably a relay. *sigh*

Anyway, the trailer wiring has been on my "to do" list since early December, when Mrs. Fungus and I decided we'd get married on the 31st. I was thinking I might need to attach a U-Haul to the Jeep to bring down some of the furniture. Oh well.

But I had to take out the spare tire, and when I saw the tread I thought it was a different type of tire. Nope, it's a full-size spare, same as the other four, just a hell of a lot less worn. The tires aren't down to the wear indicators but damn they need replacing.

As if that were a surprise. *sigh*

It's not going to be cheap to replace them, though, which is why I've put it off for so long. I might get another summer out of them, but they have got to be replaced before next winter, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Ideally I'd like exact replacements, because I like how they look; the outline white letters (OWL) just set off the whole package rather nicely. But name-brand tires are spendy--especially in light truck sizes!--and you pay a premium for OWL, and-and-and...which means I'd better get used to the idea of buying blackwall tires.

Oh well.

* * *

Speaking of car stuff, the DVR must have recorded my car shows this morning; and I have to bake chocolate chip cookies tonight. Later!

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