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#3802: And how do they expect to GET there?

NASA wants to snatch an asteroid, park it by the moon, and do science on it. Apparently they have an idea for a robotic probe that would go get the asteroid from its near-Earth orbit, and use an ion engine to move it into a parking orbit around the Moon. The whole mission would take most of a decade, of course.

Moving a 250 ton asteroid is not a trivial exercise, but it'd be an interesting challenge.

* * *

Three on global warming from Borepatch:


James Hansen's precitions from 1988 have exactly failed to come to pass. Even his best-case scenario--capping carbon emissions at 2000 levels--has exactly failed. Our carbon emissions increased at a much greater rate than his most pessimistic prediction, but the global temperature anomaly has remained below his most optimistic prediction.

Global warming causes record spring blizzards in England. Yep! That global warming makes snowstorms worse and delays the onset of spring!

* * *

Municipal bonds used to be a good investment but as Karl Denninger points out, it ain't so in the Obama-nation.

* * *

Do we have to worry about an EMP attack by North Korea? It makes sense; EMP would paralyze the nation and make it easier for NK to successfully wage war on us.

* * *

Vox Day has two things from the SF/F world today:

Locus had a spoof story on their web site, and now grovels for forgiveness. The spoof was a report that a certain SF/F con was going to require that all attendees wear burqahs. According to the writer of the piece:
...[T]his was a direct jab (in humorous form) at WisCon’s previous decision to yank their Guest-of-Honor invitation to Elizabeth Moon for daring to voice (in the mildest possible form) politically incorrect thoughts about certain aspects of modern Islam.
So Locus fell all over itself, obsequiously begging for forgiveness from the SF/F fanbase.

Vox Day then goes on with a piece discussing a certian feminist's assertion that women have a right not to be offended. And further that women have a right to force you not to offend them.

* * *

Today I intend to spend in wild abandon, doing nothing and liking it. Sleeping, eating, watching TV, maybe riding my motorcycle a bit, and doing absolutely nothing useful. AND I FEEL GREAT! AAHHH, HA HA HA HA HA!

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