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#3804: There's nothing like knowing what you're talking about.

One of the morons behind Colorado's anti-gun law wanted to ban high-capacity magazines because she thinks they're expended in use. That 15-round magazine, you just throw that away after using it, because all the bullets are gone. Yeah.

Her office later issued a "clarification", saying that she meant clips rather than magazines, but you can reload clips too--and in any case the law specifies magazines.

...and are there "high capacity" clips? Like 15, 20, 30 round clips? Somehow I doubt it; seems like that'd be unwieldy.

So this "clarification" gets an official Fungus nice try, but no cigar award.


* * *

Arse Technica, the global warming resource, doubles down on anthropogenic global warming. Triples down. Quadruples down.

The entire article is 100% uncritical of AGW even though all the models and projections have been proven wrong. It's too late to stop climate change, the article intones gravely, but if we cut our carbon emissions now we can reduce future warming!

And let's not forget James Hansen!

...but these guys never miss a chance to beat a dead horse, because "the science is settled" and "we have a consensus!"


* * *

Even fewer people want Chevy Volts now. March 2013's sales figures were 35% lower than March 2012's figures, and March 2012's figures were nothing to write home about.

You know, it's a shame that President Obama isn't a Fiero fan. Maybe GM would bring back the Fiero if he were...but unfortunately it would be some eco-correct hunk of shit no one would want to drive EXACTLY LIKE THE FUCKING VOLT IS.

* * *

Hooray! They're building a new nuclear reactor in the US! A real honest-to-God commercial power reactor, brand new! The first one in 30 years!

Ooh! Two new reactors are being built!

...contrast that with China, where twenty-eight new reactors are being built.


* * *

Germany is beginning to feel the pinch of recession. The entire world economy is in shitter, and the ruling class is doing its damnedest to "hide the decline" with Keynesian stupidity that didn't work the first time--spending massive amounts of money that the various governments do not have in the vain hope of staving off economic collapse for just one more election cycle.

That's why employment is on the floor, by the way. There's no money out there for hiring new employees; it simply costs too much. And while the cost in actual dollars is rising, the dollars themselves are being inflated into toilet paper by the issuance of so much government debt.

Monty points out:
The reality is that we've chosen the European social model of social welfare at the cost of high structural unemployment at just the time when this model is failing all over the world: in Japan, in Europe, and here. At exactly the time young people need to be entrepreneurs, jacks-of-all-trades, and self-starters, we're turning them into under-educated, over-entitled, helpless, unskilled wards of the State.
Which segues rather neatly into the next link du jour, wherein George Will talks about our schools being indoctrination centers rather than educational facilities. Indoctrination centers and, yes, employment programs for education bureaucrats. That little thing about teaching children the essentials of education--the traditional "Three Rs"--has fallen by the wayside, because teaching those things get in the way of making sure children vote reliably Democrat once they're old enough.

"All is not lost," Monty says. "The world still needs people who can carry a plate of food from the kitchen to the table."


* * *

If you are a rich communist, you can quite literally get away with murder. The '60s radicals now lionized by popular culture--people like Obama friend Bill Ayers--came from rich, well-connected families. The young radicals took no issue with mommy and daddy's money and connections with the establishment when it came to keeping them out of jail; and here we see (again) that one of the essential components of a leftist is hypocrisy.

It's an ugly story, and it's always been an ugly story, despite the Hollywood left's attempts to whitewash it. Communism is a bloody business.

* * *

Turns out that Karl Marx was just as unwashed and smelly as the morons he inspired. And lived in his parents' basement.

"Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people." I like that. (Emphasis in original.)

* * *

And right from the land of fruits and nuts--and right on schedule--comes a bill aimed at normalizing pedophilia. The first step in normalizing pedophilia--as was the case with homosexuality a few decades ago--is to legitimize it as an "alternative sexual orientation".

The bill is ostensibly aimed at making it illegal to "counsel" a homosexual to heterosexuality, but it also includes pedophilia in its descriptions of "alternative sexual orientations". Please note that Democrats defeated an amendment intended specifically to exclude pedophilia as a sexual orientation while leaving others intact.

Got to love the pro-gay lobby.

* * *

Cadwallader hit 90th yesterday, finally. You just can't power-level a high-level toon when you only play three or so hours per week, but I haven't been averaging much more than that since I got married. Too many other things to do.

That may change once Mrs. Fungus and I finish getting the house rearranged and redecorated, but somehow I doubt it. Sooner or later I'm going to find a job, and that will mean I have even less time for computer shenanigans.

None of my applications has yielded any fruit, though; the app I submitted to Lowe's was rejected in three days flat. I am just about ready to make the rounds of the fast food restaurants, because this shit is ridiculous.

See above, though, re: the job market. *sigh* The recession has continued in all but name since 2007. No one with any sense is hiring right now, except to replace staffing lost to firing or what-have-you, because it's not hard to read the writing on the wall if you're paying any attention at all to the economic indicators. The real ones, I mean, not the Dow-Jones and the faked-up unemployment figures from the Obama regime's Bureau of Lies and Statistics.

If McCain had won in 2008, the press would be talking about the Depression and how It's All McCain's Fault. Instead, the media is completely incurious about anything that might make Obama look bad.


Still, I've got to start making money, and I've got to start soon--and if it has to be fast food, then it has to be that, like it or not.

It'd be nice if I got e-mails from publishers soon telling me they were buying, though. I'm not going to hold my breath.

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