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All the cats have turned into raving psychopaths today. I've had to give one of them a soaking because he simply would not stop attacking the other cats, and then Luna suddenly reverted to her kitten days and began splashing all the water out of the water dish. WTF. It makes me want to pack them all in boxes and ship them to Abu Dhabi.

The weather is not abnormal for April and they're all neutered/spayed so it's not anything to do with pheromones, either. I don't know what the hell it is, but it's pissing me off.

* * *

12-year-old girls have been given unlimited access to "abortion pills" by judicial fiat. Because while you're not adult enough to have your own medical insurance before age 27, and you're too young to smoke at age 17, and too young to drink at age 21, of course you're old enough to decide on having an abortion when you're 12. That's just common sense! Even though you're not mature enough to consent to sex before 18, you're mature enough to take an over-the-counter pill that plays hob with your still-developing endocrine system.

DrewM adds:
At some point we need to either get control of the federal judiciary or just admit the actions of the political branches are nothing more than the first drafts of policy that judges can rewrite as much as they want.
That is certainly the case. Judicial fiat has gone too far and must be reined in--but that much was true after Roe v. Wade passed, and it hasn't gotten better in the last 40 years.

* * *

Spectacularly rude vegan...or is that redundant? Vegan brings his own pasta to a restaurant for them to prepare--

You know what, stop right the fuck there. If I'm running a restaurant and someone brings his own food in, I tell him to GTFO and go cook his own damned food. I don't know what's in that food or where it came from and I'm already responsible for the health of people who eat in my establishment; I'm going to limit my liability to foods wherein I know what's in them and where they came from and how they were prepared.

But even if I am willing to cook stuff people bring in, there's no way they get a significant break on the price. As is pointed out, we're talking about $0.12 worth of pasta; the rest of the ingredients are supplied by the restaurant--but most of the price of a meal is the chef's time, the labor required to prepare the meal. That's why $5 worth of steak costs $15 at a restaurant.

Expecting a fifty percent discount on a meal--just because you brought one of the ingredients with you--is ludicrous. Particularly when you're doing something like this on a Saturday night, which is typically when restaurants are at their most busy.

Here's an idea: if you don't like the food the restaurants serve, don't eat out. Cook your own goddamned food.

* * *

Two from Karl Denninger:

The latest unemployment report is just plain bad. That's what he says, emphasis removed:
The fact of the matter is that real improvement in employment does not exist and has never existed since the bottom in 2009, despite what the useful idiots on the TeeVee have been telling you.

Average workweek ticked up 0.1 and hourly earnings ticked up one cent, but among non-supervisory employees hours were flat and earnings were down a penny.

The trend has clearly shifted and is just plain old-fashioned bad.
The other post of his, today, that I'm commenting on is the impending raid on retirement accounts.

I said that was going to be the next place our government looked to find money to continue its spending spree. Looks like they're going to take an incremental approach, though: tax IRAs that can supply more than $200,000 per year of retirement income first; then they'll gradually expand this crap until the federal government has taken all the money and replaced it with IOUs.

And of course when it comes time for you to collect, there won't be any money to pay you. The IOUs will be treasury bills or other government bonds and investors will have to take a haircut because of austerity measures, and "Here, we're issuing new bonds and you either trade in your bonds for these lower-value bonds or you'll end up holding worthless paper."

Just like in Greece.

* * *

I can barely think.

...last night, Mrs. Fungus had me try a tablet of Lunesta to see if it would help me sleep. It did, all right; but it's been 12 hours since I took it and my brain feels as if it's wrapped in cotton batting. It's hard for me to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.

That's why I never like to take stuff like that.

Anyway, now that I've come to the end of the link-and-comment stuff, I find I haven't got anything else to say, because without an external focus my brain just kind of wanders aimlessly. I've caught myself making some stupid grammatical or semantic errors, so if you happen to find any, just ignore them.

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