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...whatever you do, do not bother watching 237, the documentary about Stanley Kubrick.

Mrs. Fungus put it on one afternoon because it was about The Shining, which is one of her favorite movies; and we watched this melange of ludicrous assertions by insane people who think that every last minor detail in various Kubrick films (mostly The Shining) is Extremely Significant Subtext Put There On Purpose Because Stanley Kubrick Was A Super-Genius.

One psycho went as far as claiming that Kubrick is "the megamind of the universe". No, I don't really know what that means, nor do I care.

It was a bunch of lunatics making a whole lot of lunatic assertions. The Shining is allegory for the Holocaust. It's Kubrick's admission that he helped to fake the Apollo moon landings. It's this, it's that--you know, maybe the guy just made a fricking MOVIE.


...then, this past Saturday night, Mrs. Fungus and I watched Saturday Night Live and--for once!--it had a sketch in it which not only had a laugh-out-loud moment in it, but more than one. I can't remember the guest host for the episode--it was the ep shown on 4/13--but she was a chunky blonde woman; and in this particular sketch she played the hardass coach of a collegiate girls' basketball team.

The first thing that made me laugh was when she was perched atop a stepladder holding a brick, on the basketball court, and when one of her players made a mistake she hollered, "Guess what? BRICK!" A little bit later she runs into a classroom and stun-guns the professor, then starts hollering at her players and stun-gunning random people in the class. It was, uncharacteristically for SNL, hilarious. Then again, this woman perfectly captured the "hardass female PE major" schtick, and in her I recognized every scary female PE teacher I ever encountered in public school.

I do believe it was that episode where Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones) showed up in the middle of a not-funny "Drunk Uncle" segment as "Peter Drunklage", during the "SNL News" segment. Mrs. Fungus was fast-forwarding past it when I said, "Hey, that's--that's Tyrion!"

Remembering, as I do, the days of Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain ("Jane, you ignorant slut!") puts the present-day version in a poor light. Peter Dinklage was the funniest thing in that entire segment.

* * *

Mrs Fungus has been after me to blog about these things for a little while. At least I can take this one off my "honey do" list.

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