atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3819: I have to run some errands

And I really don't want to, but I will...mainly because it's a gorgeous day and I haven't ridden my motorcycle for a while. Yeah.

And once that's done, then I get to go buy some gasoline and cut the grass, because it needs doing. Assuming the tractor will start, of course. (If it doesn't, I need to first hook its battery up to a charger to cram some electrons into it, and then cut the grass tomorrow.)


* * *

This DPUD post starts with a link to an article about the possible end of the "peak oil" theory.

What I read of the actual article doesn't say a word about Thomas Gold's abiotic oil theory; the part I read talked mainly about methane clathrates on the ocean floor--which represents a huge reservoir of hydrocarbons we could potentially tap for fueling just about everything. Whee!

...right below that, then, in the DPUD post, is a segment on "pedophile pride day" and NAMBLA.


Related to that? Ace weighs in on the "14-year-old girl forced to ask another girl for a kiss in front of her class" story.
If the Gay Rights people are insisting that children must kiss same-sex children in order to make their lives more convenient, then I am going fully Anti-Gay-Rights.

You cannot demand that someone afford you the right of liberty while in the same movement stealing that very thing from everyone else.

How about this for an insane idea: Just as people have the right to be gay, other people retain their right to not be gay.
Emphasis in original.

As always, the left will allow you to long as you choose what they want you to choose. A woman has a right to say "no"...unless she is trying to say "no" to government educators. Yeah. You step off their plantation and it's the hoosegow for you, buddy!

* * *

It's going to take a while for me to get my brain in gear. I'd better start on that.

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