atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3820: Wow, that was a productive day

Yesterday, despite my fatigue, I got all my errands and chores done. The one thing I didn't manage was to get the dishes into the washer, but that's okay; they're still waiting in the sink for me.

I took the motorcycle to the bank, and had a nice ride around town afterwards, because it was such a screamingly nice day. Once that was done I went to the gas station for gasoline for the mowers. The riding mower was totally dead, so I hooked up a battery charger to it and played WoW for about half an hour or so; when I went out to try the mower, it started right up.

Cut the grass, got the pusher out and trimmed; then put everything away. Next up, I whacked back the foliage on the north side of the driveway so I no longer have to wrestle with shrubbery when entering or exiting my truck, and piled the cuttings by the street for easy pickup on Monday.

Doing the necessary chores left me feeling drained, of course, and once all that was done I sat in front of the TV and vegetated.

I have several chores today that need attending to, one of which being the dishes; but fortunately I can wait to do them until later. Right now I'd like to get out on the motorcycle and take it for a spin, because it's just so much fun, but first I have to do some grocery shopping; and before I do any of that I need to get a shower.


* * *

"Today, I was denounced for being a terrible person, because my family raises chickens, some of which we eat. I was then told how cruel I am for "killing innocent birds" and that "good" people buy their meat from the supermarket. FML"

...yeah, because the meat from the supermarket comes from a giant meat factory in Poughkeepsie, NY, where it's made from shale oil and grass clippings. *sigh*

That kind of over-civilized obliviousness just begs the question, "Where do you think the meat in the supermarket comes from? A meat mine in Colorado?" As if there were a couple of old coots down in the ground, hacking away with machetes: "Hey, there, Pecos! I think I struck a vein of sirloin!" WTF.

* * *

So my bank--which failed last year and was assumed into another bank--has sent out new checks and new ATM cards.

Upon receipt of the new ATM card, I destroyed my old one and tried to activate it at my bank's ATM. It didn't work; and then when I got home I discovered that the fine print on the mailer told me that the card's earliest effective date was May 3.


On the plus side I can survive without my debit card for a week or two. I've actually considered leaving the thing at home and forcing myself to carry cash or write checks for everything, but it's too useful in case of emergency.

The other thing is, they also issued new checks, because the routing number has changed, so now I've got to deal with that nonsense. Same story, they don't work before May 3. And I just bought a new pack of checks earlier this year, which have now been rendered useless. Whee!

* * *

I submitted my second-ever application to a fast food joint this past Tuesday. The Culver's here in the Fungal Vale--an e-app, via the web.

I haven't applied for a fast food job since 1986. Jeeze louise. At least the ice is broken.

* * *

Well! Them chores ain't gonna get done with me sitting here rattling keys. Hooeee!

Please don't ask me why I descended into hick-speak. I don't know.

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