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#3825: $59 per gallon? Really?

Renewable "green" jet fuel costs $59 per gallon while regular plain old jet fuel that's pumped from the ground costs $3.73 per gallon.

Meanwhile, a typical business jet aircraft like a Gulfstream will consume 2,000 gallons crossing the country, so the Pentagon has basically bought enough "green" fuel to make one round-trip flight in one aircraft...and they've paid an excess to do it.

But hey! They could be buying up to enough fuel to make six such flights! Think of all the carbon dioxide that they're not releasing by using that hyper-expensive renewable fuel! That must be why it snowed fourteen inches in Minnesota this month!

* * *

Speaking of climate-related stupidity, two climatologists prove they are not scientists. Bonus: Streisand effect FTW, because you know people are going to buy that book out of spite.

...if I had any money, I would.

* * *

AoSHQ has a story on State Department lying about Benghazi. Only an idiot would be surprised that government (particularly this administration) is lying to us. No one at AoSHQ is surprised by this.

The Obama administration catchphrase for the Benghazi massacre has been, "What difference does it make?" Considering how many people died in that attack--including four Americans--that's a statement which is breathtaking in its callousness, and it's one that the press would not have ignored had it come from a Republican administration.

But little (d) in the White House means no interest in the press.

* * *

Antibiotic has neurological side effects. How interesting: apparently a guy taking this antibiotic isn't swayed by an attractive woman the way he is when he's not taking it.

Any time you take a drug, you are doing so specifically to alter the chemical balance of your body to achieve a desired result. This is true even when you're not doing it to get high, and the chemical machinery doesn't always respond in a predictable fashion.

* * *

I can't believe it's already the first weekend in May. Seems like April just vanished.

Little butthurt me is still trying to cudgel his brain into coming up with a decent short story to write and try selling, and still having trouble with it. Nothing sounds good except the stuff which sounds so good I can write an extra-long story about it. *sigh*

It's raining, which means I probably won't cut the grass before Sunday...and I'm going to need a scythe by then.

Oh well.

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