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#3833: Detroit is a perfect example of the failure of the blue model.

And near the end of the article you see why.
Armed with a sander and reclaimed wood from demolished homes, [Charles] Molnar recruited several students from the Detroit Enterprise Academy to help him create a bench than can seat a half-dozen riders, equipped with a bookshelf to hold reading material to help pass the time for riders as they wait.

Several nails and wooden boards later, the first bench was placed at a Detroit bus stop Thursday afternoon.

But it might not be there for long.

Detroit Department of Transportation officials are saying the bench was not approved. If it is affixed to a bus stop, the bench will have to be removed.
Government has no money for bus stop benches, but will prevent anyone else from constructing one, because the last thing the blue model can tolerate is when people actually do things for themselves instead of waiting for government to do it.

We cannot tolerate the sin of self-reliance.

* * *

The Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illnoistan State Police are overwhelmed by FOID card applications.

Mrs. Fungus waited an inordinate amount of time for her revised card (with her new name and address) to be issued, and I told her this was the reason. I knew it was because of Obama and Newtown and-and-and.

* * *

Cold and dreary day today, as predicted, and I don't know what to do about it.

My entire peripheral skeleton still aches, and I don't know why. Mrs. Fungus was seized with such a malady about two weeks ago, which might have something to do with it...or might not. All I know is, it took a supreme effort of will for me to hie myself to church last night for choir practice.

It was the first time I'd been in chuch since Easter, for crying out loud. *sigh* On the plus side, I made it.

* * *

I grabbed the last 11 eps of Fairy Tail last night. Comcast has upgraded its Internet speeds, so the bunker now boasts a 50 Mbps download speed, up from 25. It took fifteen minutes to torrent three gigabytes' worth of anime. Whee!

It's amazing how much data you can cram through a single 75 ohm coaxial cable.

The other thing is, I learned that my AT&T e-mail address hasn't gone away even though I canceled my service. I'd already removed it from Outlook, but yesterday I got a postcard from AT&T about the termination of my Internet service.

There were two bullet points. The first was about what had to happen to get it reconnected; the second was about my e-mail service if I was actually disconnecting it permanently:
You can still keep your AT&T email account(s). To thank you for your business, your AT&T e-mail account (and subaccounts) will still be available to you for free through the home page.
SIC. I like their egalitarian use of both "e-mail" and "email".

Once I learned that, I went to the site and got the POP and SMTP server info so I could reconnect Outlook; and I also waded through an enormous backlog of spam. *sigh* But it's nice to know that I don't necessarily have to go and change everything over to the new e-mail address.

Of course, considering what I've paid AT&T over the years for Internet access--and considering that e-mail access is so cheap plenty of companies give it away for free (Google, hotmail, etc)--they dang well ought to let me keep my access to that e-mail address.

* * *

Global warming is causing the most quiet tornado season in 60 years. That's right! The atmosphere is getting so hot, it's forcing cooler weather on us, and that has led to there being fewer tornadoes this year than any time since 1953!

Damn it, people! When are we going to wise up and realize that we're destroying the planet???????///////

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