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#3834: If you have money in a Spanish bank, get it out.

Vox Day points out that Spain is soon to follow Cyprus in the "government confiscating money from depositors" parade.

The action in Cyprus set a very, very bad precedent, and if you think it can't happen here you are living in a fantasy world. It will happen here; just give them time.

Lord Monckton of Brenchley believes it to be inevitable. And we've already seen that his head is screwed on straight vis-a-vis global warming, so it's hard to believe that he's a screwball when it comes to finance.

The biggest problem with all this is that--during an economic collapse--the rich lose all their money, but the poor lose their lives. There's going to be a lot of shit hitting the fan when push comes to shove, and it all rolls downhill; sitting there and thinking, "Ha, the rich will finally get what's coming to them!" is shortsighted because the poor always suffer more than the rich do.

The rich, after all, can hire people with guns to protect them, and can afford to live places where they can have high walls surrounding their houses, and sheds to store concertina wire to string along the tops of those walls when things really start to go bad. Only those who get caught in the cities suffer; those who got out beforehand generally survive well enough.

...which is not to say that all the rich will be smart enough to have done such things. There are going to be a lot of rich people who are totally gobsmacked when mobs of starving people burn them out of their houses and then pelt them with rocks. "But...but...I said I cared about the poor! I voted Democrat! Why are they doing this?"

* * *

China reined in its rabid dog, North Korea. This wasn't Barack Hussein Obama cooly calling NK's bluff. This was China saying, "Look, Kim, you being belligerent is fine and all, but if you bring the US down on your stupid little ass don't expect us to bail you out. We've got our own plans, and your bullshit will screw everything up, so knock it off NOW."

That's what happened.

* * *

Michael Flynn thoroughly dismantles the politically correct notion that the only native Americans are American Indians.

Which is, of course, bullshit. I am a native American; I was born here.

Stupid PC bullshit.

* * *

So, last night's season finale of Kitchen Nightmares--whoo!

I finally figured out that the woman running that place is an unreconstructed narcissist. She could not take the slightest iota of criticism.

When she fired that one waitress merely for asking, "Are you sure?" that was a pretty fricking egregious example of it. I'm pretty sure that a recording of that episode would provide all the evidence needed to demonstrate "wrongful termination", because damn.

Then you have her threatening to call the police on a couple of guys who--after waiting over an hour for a pizza--got yelled at and thrown out of the restaurant by her husband. Why was she going to call the police? Because they didn't pay for their meal. The one they never got. Yeah.

Ramsay just threw up his hands and walked away. Those people are hopeless, and their restaurant is going to fail, because they are totally incapable of admitting any fault whatsoever.

People who cannot admit fault end up being pathetic, because if you can blame all your problems on everyone else you never have to do anything to fix what's wrong.

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