atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3839: Little Tokyo is amazing.

It's in Munster and damn.

Mrs. Fungus and I went there Monday night, and we ended up going there again on Tuesday night, because their food is just THAT good.

I like sushi; I really do. But until I went to this place, my reaction to it was always, "Hey, this is pretty tasty stuff, and I like it."

The sushi from Little Tokyo? Full-on mouth orgasm. I'm not even exaggerating. It's like frickin' crack in a seaweed wrapper.

Mrs. Fungus and I ordered two rolls each, and an order of tempura, and we ate everything, and dessert besides. Holy crap is that good food. I told the sushi chef and I told the hostess, "This is the best sushi I've ever had."

After that, we came home and were watching reruns of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, having our usual fun with that, when Mrs. Fungus got a very upsetting and abusive phone call which pretty much ruined our evening.

She was understandably upset after that. It really sucks when someone makes your wife cry uncontrollably and you can't do anything about it. I did manage to get her calmed down, but it took more than two hours for me to do it, and now that she's asleep I am all wound up.

* * *

Prior to the restaurant, we stopped at Og's so I could pick up the two grain-of-wheat bulbs he bought for the Suzuki back when it was his. Mrs. Fungus finally met Og and she said he's really nice, and she effused over what a beautiful back yard Casa Og has. (It never really occurred to me, but she's right; it's pretty. Especially when the grass is cut, which is no mean feat.)

And we stopped at Walgreen's on the way back, because we want to try the two flavors of ice cream that Penn Jilette and Trace Adkins invented for the penultimate episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. We got Penn's "Swirtle" but they were out of Adkin's "maple macadamia mash-up", so we'll have to look for that one elsewhere.

But we didn't get a chance to try it thanks to the aforementioned ruined evening. Well, it'll keep.

* * *

Meanwhile, today I tried to change the oil and filter in Mrs. Fungus' car again. I managed to change the oil; but even after a trip to Harbor Freight for an oil filter wrench I was unable to get the damned oil filter housing off the car.

...we ended up ordering a new housing from O'Reilly's, because the filter has to be changed, and I'm afraid that if I crank down on that filter housing hard enough to pop it loose, I'm going to break it, because Toyota made the f-ing thing out of plastic.

Seriously, Toyota: WTF? The spin-on oil filter has been the standard in the automotive industry for decades, so why the fuck are you guys bopping back to the 1950s and doing this shit? If it were an ordinary spin-on filter, I could just spear the bitch with a screwdriver and crank it right off without worrying. Instead, I have to go buy a $45 part in case I break the one on the car trying to get it off after


...put it on with a 16-foot cheater bar. *sigh*

* * *

Ormus is about halfway to 90th level, which means I'll shortly be getting bored with him and having to work on another toon. What with the warm weather, though, I don't know how long that will take; and over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be pretty busy.

All of the projects I've been working on have been done in parallel with job hunting, of course. There have been quite a few leads opening up of late, and I've jumped on the ones that looked like a good fit; a few have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another, but I've done what I could do, and simply have to leave the rest in God's hands.

Knowing what the economy is like, though, I know that there are about six applications for every opening, and the people doing the hiring have a strong bias for people who've worked in the last six months.

Understanding this, then, I've realized that I need to get some kind of current work experience...and there's one option open to me: volunteer. I know I'll work for no money, but if I can point to my resume and say, "I'm volunteering for XYZ right now..." that may help considerably. At least that way it doesn't look as if I'm sitting on my hands or fapping or anything.

And you know what the best way to volunteer is? You go to the nexus of charity and work: the church secretary. The church doesn't function without her, and if there's anyone who can help me find a good volunteer gig, she'd be it.

Yet another thing for me to add to my "to do" list, I guess, but I need a job. If I have to do some time as an unpaid volunteer, that's what I'll do. Who knows? It may even be fun.

* * *

May is already half over, and in four days I'm going to be 46. Holy crap.

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