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#3840: Damn it, that cost me a frickin' post.

I was running a virus scan while writing today's post, and the virus program gave me an option: "Schedule a scan for next boot." I clicked yes...and the motherfucker rebooted immediately, without warning, and it took my entire post with it. Four hours later the goddamned scan is done and the post wasn't autosaved and I don't even remember what I was talking about.


That's the first time I've lost a post, though--in seven years of blogging--so WTF.

* * *

This part I do remember:

The shale oil deposits under the United States give it the largest oil deposits in the world.

In the 1970s, when I was a wee tyke and we were just a scant handful of years past the Arab Oil Embargo--and while we were still suffering from the artificial scarcity caused by federal price controls--there were all kinds of wistful news stories about all the oil that was trapped in shale, and how nice it would be if we could only get at it; but to get the oil out of shale, they said, we'd have to strip-mine hundreds of square miles down to a technically improbable depth, and it was Just Too Difficult, and it was a shame because it was just sitting there.

So, fast-forward forty years. Thanks to the advancement of technology we now know how to get oil and gas out of shale, and it doesn't cost all that much more per barrel than it does to pump the stuff out of other kinds of rock formations.

If the current crop of Democrats had been in charge in the 1970s, of course, none of this would have happened. "Well, we could develop that technology, but you see it's not going to fix the energy crisis that we're suffering right now, so we're going to focus on conservation measures." This is the same kind of short-sighted thinking that led to us not starting to exploit ANWR about ten years ago, and which would be delivering oil to the market right, thus reducing the price of oil. Yeah.

Now all we need to do is to start building some f-ing refineries so we don't have to offshore refining the stuff, the way we do now.

* * *

The IRS commissioner is apparently a "low-level employee" because the "IRS goes after Obama's enemies" thing goes right to the top.

* * *

Then I also talked about some stuff from Karl Denninger:

Jake Tapper erroneously claims that the economy is getting better. Hint: the economy is not getting better.

Exhibit A: the government is playing games with the producer price index to make it look like there's no inflation. In order to do this, they are including energy and food prices, things which are usually excluded because their prices are "too volatile", meaning that they tend to rise and fall a lot; but in general they trend upward just like everything else does.

Right now, however, gasoline is off its highest price by a few cents per gallon (it was $4.26 per gallon here in the Fungal Vale, but is now closer to $4 again) and the continued discovery of more and more petroleum under the United States (and in places the government has not rendered off limits to exploitation) is depressing the price of oil; so now the feds are including it in the PPI because it makes them look better.

Take energy and food out, and suddenly PPI is rising by 0.1% rather than dropping by 0.7%. There's nothing like comparing apples and oranges!

One manufacturing report says it's all down by about 1.4%. No numbers games here, just bad news. Emphasis removed:
New orders and shipments are both negative, along with unfilled orders and delivery times. Inventories remain negative. The prices paid/received gap has narrowed this month and while employee count softened a bit it remains positive.

What isn't is hours -- it went negative. Obamacare my friends.
Yep, Obamacare is screwing the employment market, and it's not going to be long before we start seeing that reflected in actual employment figures.


And the NTSB wants to make it illegal to have any alcohol in your system. Pretty soon you'll get a DUI if you had a beer in the last week....

* * *

Lost into the bit bucket: a screed about how I don't need to listen to Limbaugh any more, some discussion of motorcycles, and a discussion of how windmill operators aren't held to the same environmental standards as oil companies.

* * *

Weather outside is pretty damned nice. Maybe I should go out into it and do something.

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