atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3848: Global warming, that's why.

Get this: it's late May and over the past few days I've had to run the heater to keep this place above "f-ing cold".

When I got up this morning it was 63° in here. Yesterday, and the day before, were the same. I can't remember a May which was this cold, with nighttime temperatures flirting with high thirties.

That's when I have to run the heater, when the temperatures drop so low that we're looking at the potential for frost. If the nighttime temps were somewhere in the mid-forties it would be comfortable in here without the heater. There's a certain amount of waste heat from appliances and the water heater which keeps pace with the heat loss when the outside temperatures are above a certain level; and usually--by this late in the year--the temperatures don't generally fall below that point.

We're having an unusually cold spring, it seems, and you can bet that the culprit is global warming. What else could it be?

* * *

One of the annoying things about Pandora--the music service that tries to match your taste in music with simple yes/no choices across different songs--is that it apparently does not screen for different performances of the same song.

I'm not a fan of Pink Floyd, so when "Wish You Were Here" came on I nixed it and the app obligingly skipped it. A while later, on came a different performance of "Wish You Were Here" which sounded virtually identical to the original. *sigh*

I get that sometimes a person will like one version of a song and not another; but I would think that voting "no" for a song would tend to exclude it from the playlist. Maybe it takes two or three instances before something is excised entirely? "Okay, he didn't like version A, B, or C, so we won't play anything like it ever again."

The heuristic used by Pandora, however, is remarkably similar to an idea I had for optimizing searches on the Internet. It would be useful if you could look at a list of search results and click a check box next to each candidate to exclude it and similar results; it would help pare out the dross and get you closer to what you're actually looking for.

* * *

Yesterday, I cut the grass and gave the kitchen a thorough cleaning. It's still not done, but it's a hell of a lot cleaner than it was. Mainly it was just cluttered, and cleaning the clutter off the counters is what took most of the time--and I ended up filling two of the small white garbage bags with stuff that we don't need or have room for. I also have to vacuum and tidy the rest of the house, besides giving the bathroom a thorough cleaning. I figure the bathroom may take as much as half an hour, and the remaining work in the kitchen (the stove and the floor) will take perhaps as much as twenty minutes. After that, just vacuuming the house, tidying, making everything neat and clean and lookin' good, should be a walk in the park.

Relatively speaking.

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