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#3851: Well, that nukes the case against Zimmerman.

What there was of it.

Karl Denninger has the stuff, and the short form is that the prosecutor's office deleted video, text messages, and pictures which established that Trayvon Martin was a violent thug. Emphasis removed:
Among the material that apparently was in Trayvon's phone was a video he made of a homeless man being beaten by Trayvon and his friends. The State has thus known since that phone was forensically examined shortly after Martin's death that Martin had a history of committing crimes against other people, specifically, beating up other people, the precise event that would exonerate Zimmerman in that they had in their possession video evidence of him doing exactly that to another individual.
The prosecutor's office needs to be indicted for destruction of exculpatory evidence which--as Denninger notes--is a federal crime.

Understand what this means: it means that the entire case against Zimmerman is fatally tainted.

About the only thing the prosecution can do now is to move that the jury not be allowed to consider the evidence tampering by the prosecutor's office when coming to a verdict--which the court might allow--but the existence of this evidence helps to exonerate Zimmerman anyway and the court is unlikely to exclude it because Martin's violent past and drug use are material to the case.

* * *

The British want their guns back. They've been disarmed since 1996 and gun crime is up 35%, because criminals are by definition breaking the law.

Meanwhile, in the "fuck you, you fucking fucks" department, we have this bit about politicians wanting to carve out exceptions for themselves to the concealed carry laws.

* * *

Obama's IRS commissioner has visited the White House 157 times. That's 156 times more than Bush's IRS commissioner visited him.

But no, the IRS targeting Obama opponents, that's just a coincidence, man!

* * *

And then, abruptly, it was Thursday.

I don't know where the hell the week has gone. Well--Monday vanished in a fog of guilt-free sleep, because it was a national holiday and for once I could sleep in and didn't have to get on the computer to job-hunt. Tuesday and Wednesday I spent with Mrs. Fungus, who was still de-stressing from last week's nonsense.

So, today I have everything else to do. I suppose I ought to get after it.

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