atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3853: You can't just watch the movie? Seriously?

So Mrs. Fungus suggested to Sailor V that he watch Cloud Atlas.

He agreed to watch it, IF:
* He could use some free pay-per-view coupons to pay for the viewing
* Mrs. Fungus set aside time to talk to him about it
* Mrs. Fungus agreed to watch with him a movie of his choosing
Mrs. Fungus gave him the PPV coupons months ago, and he's only just now getting around to using any of them--and they expire in June. He had to search for them, but apparently found them pretty quickly--this is the same guy who couldn't find the title for the non-working motorcycle I wanted to buy from him at the insane price of $600. I'd offered to make an even swap, the Escort for the bike, and he declined, saying that the bike was worth much more than that and besides, he couldn't find the title...and then a while later he learned that the motorcycle was worth perhaps $200 with the title and $150 without, which was about 10% of what he thought it was worth. (Hint: a non-running motorcycle which is missing parts is not going to sell for the same price as a fully-restored low-mileage bike that runs like a Swiss watch. And he got it for free, anyway.)


Mrs. Fungus told him that Cloud Atlas was a good movie, and he said he would only watch it if his ludicrous conditions were met; and Mrs. Fungus was so amazed at this display of cheek she gave me permission to blog about it.




Watch the movie, or don't watch it; but don't act like you're somehow doing Mrs. Fungus or anyone a favor by watching the stupid thing, because you're not. When someone tells you that you might enjoy watching a film, it's not their problem if you decide not to watch it and it's not their responsibility to hold your hand while you do. Because


if you watch it, or don't.

Cloud Atlas (the book) is billed as literary fiction, but I'm here to tell everyone that shit is SCI FI. (Or, at least, "spec fic".) The movie is pretty entertaining and interesting, and it's beautifully shot, and it's worth seeing.

But those of you who watch it on my recommendation? You're on your own. Don't come to me saying I now have to watch Fuck Buddies in Trouble (or whatever cinematic disaster you wish to foist on me) because you watched Cloud Atlas because I'll just laugh in your face.

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